National Cheeseburger Day

National Cheeseburger Day

National cheeseburger day is observed on September 18 of every year. Cheeseburgers are delicious, and it deserves a celebration. So get ready to enjoy and celebrate the American food icon on this day. And we should thank Lionel Sternberger on this national cheeseburger day for the invention of the cheeseburger. There are many stories in the invention of cheeseburgers, but some study suggests, and many people believe that Lionel Sternberger is the one who bought cheeseburgers into the world. Lionel Sternberger was 16 years old in the year 1926. He was working at his father’s sandwich shop, Pasadena, California. For an experiment, Sternberger dropped a slice of American cheese on a hamburger. For this experiment done by him, there are two stories, one is out of curiosity, Sternberger added cheese into a burger, and another one is a homeless passerby who saw Sternberger working on a burger. He suggested adding some cheese, but whatever it is, this delicious history gives us mouth-watering results.

History of the National Cheeseburger Day


  • 1926- A teen (Lionel Sternberger) who was working on his dad’s sandwich shop created a sensation by adding a slice of cheese into a burger.
  • 1928A Los Angeles favorite restaurant, O’Dell’s restaurant, charged 25 cents for a cheeseburger.

As the day passes, people were fell in love with the taste of the cheeseburger, and it became popular in most countries all across the world. There is no authentic date in the history of national cheeseburger day. The objective of this day is to celebrate the amazing taste of the cheeseburger.


Activities to do on the National Cheeseburger Day


  • Go for a tour

One of the best ways to celebrate this national cheeseburger day is by taking a tour to taste cheeseburgers. Call your friends and family and go on a tour of every restaurant that serves an amazing cheeseburger and also which is nearby you. Taste many delicious cheeseburgers on this day.

  • Present a cheeseburger

The thing about a cheeseburger is, it will taste good when you have it alone, and it will have a wonderful taste if you have it with your friends. Moreover, cheeseburgers will turn an enemy into a friend and a friend into a close friend. The cheeseburger is a kind of reward, so just present a cheeseburger to your friend and make your relationship stronger.

  • Prepare some cheeseburger

Get all the ingredients from the nearby store, find a recipe, stuff your favorite things along with the slice of cheese, cook it, and have it. You might enjoy the deliciousness.


Why Everyone Loves the National Cheeseburger Day?


  • It is easy to make

When you are craving something delicious and healthy, then you can try a cheeseburger. Cheeseburgers are easy to make, and you can make them very quickly.

  • Everyone loves cheeseburger

According to a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, Americans eat an average of six hamburgers per day. Not only in America, nowadays most people (even in other countries) are fond of the cheeseburger. Because of its cheesy taste and unique taste, everyone is crazy about the cheeseburger.


When is National Cheeseburger Day?

2020Sep 18
2021Sep 18
2022Sep 18
2023Sep 18


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