National Hat Day
Celebrated On January 15, 2021

National Hat Day 89 days to go

How long until National Hat Day
National Hat Day next takes place in 89 days.
Dates of National Hat Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on January 15th
In 2022, it is celebrated on January 15th
In 2023, it is celebrated on January 15th
In 2024, it is celebrated on January 15th

Hats, one of the fascinating things that everyone loves to wear, from kids to adults. When we were kids, our parents used the hat to cover our heads from sunlight, from there to the elders wearing hats, to cover them for shades. Hat played a major role in the people who work in the sunlight for long hours.

There are different types of hats in the world, where hats represent different cultures and the works associated with them. Once, hat represented different departments both in the government and private sector. At times, hats represent status in families in England, who possess an enormous amount of wealth. People wearing hats for various purposes, but there comes a certain day, where people in the United States celebrate the day for the accessory that we use in our life. National hat day was celebrated on January 15, which is an unofficial holiday.


History of Hat Day:


No one exactly knows when the hat was created. It was found in historical depictions of a hat present in the pictorial drawing of a tomb from Thebes in Egypt, which shows a man wearing a conical straw hat during 3200bc. Many upper-class Egyptians wore hairdressers to keep them cool. Hats are worn during those ancient times. There are different types of and reasons for hats to be worn.

  1. One of the long-lasting hats and famous hat is Fedora, which was made few in the 1880s, but still in the market up to this date. An actress named fedora Romazov was cast in a play as fedora-wearing a hat, which went on to be the hat’s name. It was used by women and later by men.
  2. Hatters traditionally made male hats for males, and milliner made female hats.
  3. In ancient Greece and Rome, when a slave is freed from the owners, he was awarded a cap for representing freedom.
  4. Hats vanished from the scene for some time and reentered the scene during 1800-1900.
  5. Elizabeth, “the first” had a rule for people above the age of 7 should wear hats.
  6. Chef’s white tall hats were invented by inventors named Marie-Antoine Carème and Auguste Escoffier as a method for establishing a hierarchy in the kitchen.


Why is Hat Day Celebrated?


Hat day is celebrated worldwide, and Some say it’s for protection, ceremonial reasons, religious reasons, or fashion. Even though there is no enough evidence and a reason to celebrate world hat day, It is celebrated by the entire world on January 15.


How to Celebrate Hat Day?


It is celebrated by wearing our hats throughout the day, And people celebrate it by handing over hats to the neighbors, relatives, and colleagues. Everyone celebrates it with their families in the US every year

This day is one of the fun days where people celebrate it so happily, to ensure safety and awareness from too much sun, spiritual, and religious awareness.


When is National Hat Day?


2020Jan 15
2021Jan 15
2022Jan 15
2023Jan 15


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