National Bagel Day
Celebrated On January 15, 2021

National Bagel Day 89 days to go

How long until National Bagel Day
National Bagel Day next takes place in 89 days.
Dates of National Bagel Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on January 15th
In 2022, it is celebrated on January 15th
In 2023, it is celebrated on January 15th
In 2024, it is celebrated on January 15th

National Bagel Day is a unique day that is celebrated to pay homage to all the dense and chewy bread products. It is usually celebrated on the 15th of January every year. Bagels are super decisions when it is topped with yummy ingredients like cream, goat cheese, peanut butter, jam, marshmallow, hummus, and a lot more. If you are a bagel lover, then it is a must for you to celebrate National Bagel day.

National Bagel Day is popularly recognized in America because most Americans love this baked delicious. Bagels are unique bread that is boiled and then baked; these are usually soft inside and crunchy outside. Enjoy bagel with your favorite topping and add more value to the ethnic foods. Bagel is a yummy food that no one can resist.


History of National Bagel Day


Bagels are believed to be originated in Poland in the late 14th century. The polish folks are expected to produce bread products, which are called obwarzanek. But, this was not exactly the bagel that we all enjoy today.

  1. The original bagel was invented in the 17the century, and it was given as a gift to ladies who went for childbirth.
  2. During the 1600s, bagels become part of the Slavic diet.
  3. During the 19th century, Eastern Europeans are said to brought bagels to the united states.
  4. Before the 1970s, the bagel was not considered mainstream food in the USA.
  5. The bagel was also sold in Jewish markets.
  6. Bagels became highly popular during the 1970s and 1980s. Is it the time when the bagels became mainstream? This was majorly due to the popularity of ethnic foods.


Why Is National Bagel Day Celebrated?


It is an amazing way to celebrate ethnic foods; Bagels are loved by Americans too. You seriously don’t need any reason to celebrate enjoying crispy bagels with your desired toppings.

Bagels are round-shaped beauties that are usually boiled and then baked into yummy crispy bread. People highly prefer the plain flavor of bagel, and sesame is the second most loved bagel flavor in the world.


How To Celebrate National Bagel Day


The best possible way on elaborate national Bagel day is to order a piping hot baked bagel and gulp it down with your favorite topping. There is a wide array of Bagel toppings available in the market, including cheese, jam, marshmallow, chocolate, avocado, butter, peanut butter, bananas, meat, salmon, and a lot more.

You can also stop by your favorite bagel shop, hang out with your friends, and enjoy the day by having different varieties of bagels. The best choice would be to bake a simple bagel recipe and share it with your family and folks.

To enhance the celebration at the workplace or school or college, just order bagels for your friends and colleagues, enjoy them with a smile. Make this moment memorable by posting on social media with the hashtag #NationalBagelDay. Make sure you post attractive bagel pics on your social media and enjoy a few during national bagel day.


When is National Bagel Day?


2020Jan 15
2021Jan 15
2022Jan 15
2023Jan 15


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