National Hugging Day

National Hugging Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Hugging is an expression of love that is an instinct within humans. The expression of a hug to seek love or comfort could be seen in babies who are less than 1 year too. Our life is surrounded by amazing families and friends most of the time. The hug serves as an exchange for a lot of emotions among the family members and friends. There is a day dedicated to celebrating this wonderful expression of love and care. The national hugging day is celebrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and various other countries around the world.


History of national hugging day


Kevin Zaborney created the history of national hugging day, and it falls annually on January 21st. The celebration of the national hugging day began in the year 1986 at Clio, Michigan, in the united states of America. There are many ways of hugs, and a simple hug can make your significant other and someone you love happy.


Historical facts on national hugging day


  1. Zoboeney felt the need to create the national hugging day dedicated to hugging as he considered the fact that American society is embarrassed to show feelings in public. The hug gives you a state of happiness.
  2. The national hugging day was created to express the fact the showing emotions in public are alright. The state of being loved is the best one.
  3. January 21st was chosen to celebrate national hugging day. It fell between Christmas and New Year holidays. It is one of the best ways to enjoy hugs events and share the love with others.


What should we do on national hugging day?


It is said that hugging is an important part of relationships, and hugs events are the best. The couples can celebrate the national hugging day by having a warm hug and spend the day the way they love. Hugging will give many happy and memorable moments for couples who express love by hugging each other. National hug day is loaded with several health benefits like reducing blood pressure and heart diseases boost the immune system; it is the best tension breaker. A cheek hug is another form of way to celebrate hugging day national wide. Heart disease will vanish among people when your loved ones give u a tight hug. Families come close on hug day and look forward to this holiday apart from valentine’s day.

Hugging benefits the mind and the body. There is a national hug day dedicated to hugging, and it is a grand event and holiday occasion. Please comfort the person whom you know is suffering from any illness on this day. A simple hug can make someone happy, and a fat hug has many health benefits. A simple human touch from someone can have many positive effects. Express the love to everyone in need by meeting them and give a bear hug. Everyone can show affection by hugs, and hugs are responsible for overall human well-being.


Why should we celebrate national hugging day?


  1. Hugging is a wonderful expression that comforts a sad person due to some reason in his or her life. Hugging also expresses the love and care that one person has for another.
  2. National hugging day can be celebrated to express the feelings within the heart by hugging people. The hug among friends will certainly increase the bond that they have built since they met.
  3. The hug day is celebrated to remind us that hugging is perfectly fine to comfort the friend or family member who needs it. It is also celebrated to say that hugging among friends to express joy in public is also perfectly fine. A hug helps mask up distancing human families.
  4. The day is celebrated to help people show their emotions in public. It is to say the in the human emotions need not be hidden and felt alone. Hugging day is celebrated to show that emotions can be shared with the trusted people around us.

Let the national hugging day spread peace and love around the world. Any celebrations and joy don’t go without hugs. Let this day remind the significance of hugging and caring.


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