National Compliment Day

National Compliment Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Verbal compliments could boost the energy of any human being. It is always good to hear something nice about ourselves and say something nice about others. Try complimenting someone, and it can make someone’s day happy. It is always good to hear positive words. The great compliments that are filled with positive energy are really beautiful things. There is a national day for complimenting each other, and it is celebrated on January 24th. Compliments occur regularly, but there is a special day dedicated, i.e., January 24th, to compliments to remind us that it is beautiful to complement our friends and friends for everything that is amazing about them. It is the easy way to have the best relationship and boost the self-esteem of someone a long way.

History of National Compliment Day

National compliment day is celebrated on January 24th in the united states and a few other countries. It is believed that the day was created by two women from New Hampshire in 1998. Kathy Chamberlin and Deffy Hoffman created this day to express that complimenting is a positive way of connecting humans worldwide. National compliment day is one of the best holidays, establishing trust among people when they complement each other.

Historical Facts about National Compliment Day

  1. National compliment day falls on March 1st annually. The day national compliment originated because of a person called Hans Pootveiliet from the Netherlands. The national compliment was celebrated in the Netherlands initially, then spread to the globe as compliment day national.
  2. Mr. Poortvliet stressed that the compliment should be in words and not in gifts; that is how National compliment day can exist.
  3. Many countries have their national complement day apart from celebrating World Compliment Day.
  4. The word compliment is derived from the Latin word complere. Complere means to fill up; this is how compliment Day is celebrated nationwide. The day was founded to celebrate as a national or international day to fill up humans’ hearts with positive words.

What should we do on National Compliment Day?

  1. It would be an amazing idea to meet folks who are really close to us physically and compliment them on something you got due to them on national day compliment. We need not spend money on purchasing gifts, but we can make people feel good with positive words.
  2. It would be great to make cards with positive words and send them to people who live far from us. It will be nice to call and talk to friends and family by saying positive words to them.
  3. Children should learn the art of complimenting. Competitions or games can be arranged for the kids in our locality to teach them the importance of completing other folks. They should feel the goodness of complimenting others and receiving good compliments from others.

Why should we celebrate National Compliment Day?

  1. Complimenting is an essential skill that humans should have. It is always nice to receive compliments from coworkers, friends, or family members. The day is a reminder to enforce the fact that verbal compliments can do wonders for another person rather than materialistic gifts.
  2. National compliment day should be celebrated so that the future generation will be under the emotions attached to saying words filled with positivity.

Completing others is a good deed. When we truly compliment, we feel good and make the one we complemented feel great. National compliment day is a wonderful holiday and should be spread across social media with similar hashtags.

When is National Compliment Day?

2023Jan 24Tuesday
2024Jan 24Wednesday
2025Jan 24Friday

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