National Junk Food Day

National Junk Food Day 2023

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Do you like to eat food that could be healthier, like things that are greasy, cheesy, or sugary? Well, on July 21st, there is a special national day called National Junk Food Day, where we celebrate and enjoy these yummy but not-so-healthy treats. It’s a day for us to eat our favorite junk food without feeling guilty. Once in a while, it is okay to include junk food and satisfy your taste buds. 

The History of National Junk Food Day

Although the origins of this day are uncertain, the commemoration has existed since the 1980s. Junk food has been integral to our society for many years, and the purpose of this day is to normalize the occasional indulgence of junk food among people. 

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Why Celebrate National Junk Food Day?

This day provides the ideal opportunity to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures without any remorse and cherish every bite. It’s a time to relish the foods that bring you joy and share them with others. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to maintain balance and moderation in life and that indulging occasionally is acceptable.

How to Celebrate National Junk Food Day?

There are so many ways to celebrate National Junk Food Day! Here are some ideas:

  1. Have a junk food feast: Get together with your friends and family and have a party with all your favorite unhealthy foods! Eat pizza, ice cream, chips, and all the yummy snacks you’ve wanted. Make the most of this day by eating your favorite junk food with your favorite people.
  2. Try something new: Try a new kind of snack that you haven’t had before, even if you’re used to your usual snacks. You might find something you really like, giving your taste buds the opportunity to try something new. 
  3. Create your own junk food: Have fun in the kitchen and make your own version of your favorite treats like pizza or candy bars. You can be creative and make them however you want, definitely with a dash of your favorite ingredient. 
  4. Share your love of junk food: On National Junk Food Day, share your favorite junk foods with others and spread love. You can bring your favorite junk food to work or have a party with your friends and share your favorite treats. You can even surprise your kids with something special to eat.

Fun Facts About Junk Food

  • The world’s largest chocolate bar weighed over 12,000 pounds and was over 21 feet long!
  • The first potato chip was created in 1853 by a chef named George Crum, who was trying to satisfy a customer’s complaint about his thick French fries.
  • The average American consumes about 25 pounds of candy each year.
  • The world’s most expensive hamburger costs $5,000 and is topped with foie gras, truffles, and gold leaf.
  • The word “junk food” was first coined in the 1960s.


In conclusion, National Junk Food Day is a national day in July to celebrate the guilty pleasure of all things greasy, cheesy, and sugary. Whether indulging in your favorite treat or trying something new, take a moment to appreciate junk food’s role in our lives, as these foods instantly make us happy. And remember, it’s okay to indulge every once in a while and cherish little moments with your loved ones. 

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