National Moon Day

National Moon Day 2023

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Humans have been fascinated by the moon for centuries, which has inspired numerous myths, legends, and scientific discoveries. National Moon Day is celebrated every year as a national day on July 20th to honor the first human landing on the moon and delve into this celestial body’s history and importance. This day is all about admiring the beauty of the moon and appreciating the efforts put in by humans to land on the moon.

A Brief History of National Moon Day

National moon day is a special day that started in 1971 to celebrate when two people named Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, went to the moon for the first time. People celebrate this day to remember their amazing accomplishment and to encourage people to learn more about space and travel there someday.

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Why Celebrate National Moon Day?

This day serves as a reminder of the significant impact the moon has had on our planet’s history and culture. The moon’s gravitational force influences the tides and weather, and its closeness to Earth has made it a key subject for scientific study and space exploration.

National Moon Day is a day when people love to have fun and learn about the moon. On this national day today, people can get to know more about the cool things that make up the moon and what we don’t know about it. It also reminds us to think about how we fit into the world and how amazing and wonderful nature is.

How to Celebrate National Moon Day?

There are many ways to celebrate National Moon Day. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Go Stargazing: On this day, go somewhere without any bright lights and look at the night sky. You might see the moon, planets, and lots of stars that make patterns called constellations. You can use special glasses to look at them even closer.
  2. Read About the Moon: There are many places to learn about the moon! You can read books, articles, and websites to learn about its craters, shapes, and pull-on things. Learning about and the best way to celebrate National Moon Day is fun
  3. Watch a Moon Landing Documentary: There are cool videos about the time when people went to the moon and did fun things in space. You can watch them on websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.
  4. Create Moon-themed Art: Use your imagination and make some art or crafts that are all about the moon! You can draw or paint it, make it out of clay, or create a picture using different materials. This is one of the creative ways to celebrate National Moon Day.

Fun Facts About the Moon

Here are some interesting and lesser-known facts about the moon:

  • The moon is the fifth largest moon in the solar system, and it’s about one-quarter the size of Earth.
  • The moon’s surface is covered with craters, mountains, and valleys, many of which were formed by meteorite impacts.
  • The moon is tidally locked with Earth, which means it always shows the same face to us.
  • The moon has no atmosphere, meaning no weather or wind. This also means there is no sound on the moon; any noises would have to be transmitted through vibrations in the ground.
  • The moon’s gravity is about one-sixth of Earth’s, meaning you would weigh much less on the moon than on Earth.


In conclusion, National Moon Day is a special day to say “yay” to the moon and learn more about it.  This day helps us learn about the moon’s past, its appearance, and why it’s important. You can do lots of fun things like looking at the stars, reading about the moon, watching a show, or making art on National Moon Day. On July 20th, remember to look up at the sky and admire the amazing moon.

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