National Paranormal day

National Paranormal Day

Each year National Paranormal Day is celebrated on the 3rd of May. In today’s science-driven world, there is a major population who also believe in Paranormal activities. The National Paranormal Day is a day where people join hands together and talk about their paranormal experiences. 

The term paranormal is used to narrate the experience and occurrence, which is not normal; it is beyond science. The National Paranormal Day is open to all; even those who don’t have any previous paranormal experience can participate in National Paranormal Day. In fact, people can get an idea about the paranormal by reading books, watching documentaries, TV shows, and movies.


History of National Paranormal Day

There is no solid evidence about the history of National Paranormal Day. It is said that the famous American writer Charles Fort is a collector of paranormal anecdotes across the globe. 

He is also called the father of modern Paranormal. Paranormal is a term that means the study of the paranormal. Charles Fort has more than 40,000 notes explained various paranormal experiences across the globe. 

Charles was the first person to explain the weird human appearance and sudden disappearance, alien abduction, paranormal events, and a lot more. It is believed that National Paranormal Day was first created in the year to help us learn about the universe and the other set of energies.

  • It is said that more than 80% of people in America believe in ghosts.
  • More than 10% of people across the globe have encountered paranormal experiences in their life.
  • 4% of people around the world think that their house is haunted.
  • 12% of people are scared to watch ghost shows and movies.


How to Observe National Paranormal Day

While observing the National Paranormal Day, one can indulge in various fun and interesting activities. Here is the list of fun and creative activities to do on National Paranormal Day. 

  1. Explore a haunted place or house. 

You would be surely aware of a haunted place or house nearby. National Paranormal Day is the best time to explore the place and experience something spooky. Do check out the creepy and spooky place during the night to experience the best thrill. 

  1. Spooky house party 

who doesn’t love Halloween, similarly make the most of National Paranormal Day and throw a spooky house party at night? It is the best possible way to celebrate National Paranormal Day; during the celebration, don’t miss sharing about social media’s fun by using the hashtag #NationalParanormalDay. 

  1. Visit a nearby graveyard. 

To elevate the spooky quotient, visit a graveyard with your buddies. This is not for the faint-hearted people. But if you are in for some fun and excitement, do visit a graveyard at night on National Paranormal Day for some thrilling experience. Bring some scented candles to elevate the mood.


Why Celebrating National Paranormal Day is important?

National Paranormal Day is that time of the year when people believe that spirits and ghosts come out to meet us and get some attention. National Paranormal Day is a way to honor and pay respect to those ghosts. In fact, it is a great way to establish connections with the lost soul.


When is National Paranormal Day?

2020May 3
2021May 3
2022May 3
2023May 3


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