National Pharmacist Day
Celebrated On January 12, 2021

National Pharmacist Day 92 days to go

Pharmacists are the most needed professionals in the present world. At some point in time, all of us feel sick and will depend on medicines. We cannot find a human who can live every single day without depending on medicines. Pharmacists around the world are working hard to produce drugs that could cure different ailments and benefits.

Pharmacists must be celebrated for their contribution. There are a world pharmacist day and national pharmacist day devoted to supporting the dedications of the pharmacist in their field.

The world pharmacist day is celebrated on September 25th. Portugal celebrates national pharmacist day on September 26th and Turkey celebrate it on May 25th  .The national pharmacist day falls on January 12th in the united states of America and few countries around it.


History of national pharmacist day

Some countries have national pharmacist day to honour the pharmacist in their country. There isn’t much evidence to say when and what initiated the creation of national pharmacist day in various countries. The day is dedicated to the pharmacist and the awareness programs are created to ensure that the people follow precautions while taking medications.

The world pharmacist day is celebrated around the globe since its creation by the International pharmaceutical federation in 2009 in Turkey. The day was created to honour the knowledge of the pharmacist and ensure the safety of various drugs that are sold in the market.


Historical facts on national pharmacist day

  • Nowadays there are a lot of pharmacy stores around the globe in various countries. It is said that the first pharmacies were established in Baghdad during the Islamic golden age in 754 AD.
  • Turkey celebrates national pharmacist day on May 14th and the reason for selecting the date goes back to the reign of the Ottoman sultan named Mahmud II (1785-1839).
  • Though there are various antibiotics now, the discovery of first antibiotic penicillin by Alexander Fleming deserves credit on this day.


What should we do on national pharmacist day?

It would be a wonderful idea to honour the pharmacist in our locality on the national pharmacist day. If you have a friend who is a pharmacist it would be nice to make an awesome greeting to say the respect that people around the world have for pharmacist.

It would be awesome to surprise the pharmacists in the pharmaceutical store we visit with beautiful gifts for the service they do round the clock on all days of the week.


Why should we celebrate national pharmacist day?

The invention of drugs to save lives was researched and created since ancient times. The researches for curing certain ailments were done for decades by different pharmacists. The day should be celebrated to honours the inventions that have saved many lives.

The pharmacist must be honoured for their service. The human body is prone to diseases at some point in time and it needs the medications to be back to normalcy. The hard work and research of pharmacist have given many drugs that could save the lives and so they deserve respect from people around the world.


When is National Pharmacists Day?

2020Jan 12
2021Jan 12
2022Jan 12
2023Jan 12


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