National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day 2023

There is nothing that gets cuter than a puppy. Imagine 10 lb of love covered in fur and wagging its tail, hurtling towards you. Puppies are probably the most beautiful baby living things created by God. They love chewing things. They pee all over your place. Sometimes, they even eat poop (yew), but puppies offer unconditional love to people. Nevertheless, one looks into their beady eyes, and you simply can’t be mad at them anymore. That is the magic behind the infamous ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’! But what do we really do to celebrate this bundle of joy? The answer to that question would be National Puppy Day. National dog day is dedicated to grooming sessions, taking puppy photos, adoption, spa treatment, carrying, and offering a learning experience for all dog lovers and companions. Spread the word about National puppy day on social media and use similar hashtags on Facebook and Instagram like nationalpuppyday , love, dost, puppy, puppy mills, cuddles, homes, pup, puppy day, etc., The puppies bring a lot of love to our lives, and it is one of the best ways to show affection. You can use the hashtags nationalpuppyday to spread to create awareness about this holiday.


History of National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day March 23 was created to generate awareness of puppy mills, where dogs are force bred in poor living conditions to produce puppies. The puppies are then sold while the parents are made to breed until they become impotent. It is a very sad tale about how these puppies reach the market and then into the hands of clueless pet owners. Another huge issue on National puppy day is how wild dogs (street dogs) are left unneutered, resulting in a huge explosion in the population of wild or street dogs. What is worse is that these street dogs have no home and eat all kinds of wastes (from the road or a dumpster) and develop a lot of diseases that undoubtedly make the lives of these dogs a living hell. The mothers are undernourished and cannot feed the newborn puppies properly; the idea behind national puppy day should be to spread awareness in multiple ways. But the most horrible thing would be seeing these street puppies carrying a disease. National puppy day is celebrated to create awareness, and many animal behaviorists celebrate March 23 with great enthusiasm.


Few historical facts about puppies and National Puppy Day

Did you know that puppies are born blind and deaf? It is because of the short gestation period that the puppy spends inside its mother’s womb. The puppy’s sight and hearing evolve after its birth. Another interesting fact is that even dogs have baby teeth that fall off once they are between 12 to 16 weeks old. It is believed that the word ‘puppy’ could have been borrowed from the french word ‘ poupeé,’ which means a doll or toy. National puppy day is a favorite among the puppy mills and dog parents. The day is focused on providing shelter to needy dogs and pups. Many animals get homes on national puppy day and get to meet their new friends.


What should we do on National Puppy Day?

National Puppy Day is an amazing day to adopt a puppy and a dog and be parents of pets for a lifetime. Try adopting some puppies and pets from an animal shelter. Those are the puppies that need immediate love and attention. Plus, animal shelters do not charge you for adopting a puppy. If you find it difficult to adopt a puppy, don’t hesitate to spend some time with some puppies at the nearest animal shelter, and if you have children, spend time as a family with ‘em puppies!


Why should we celebrate National Puppy Day?

Puppies are most vulnerable, and you must try to rescue puppies and send the animals to shelter that you see roaming around the neighborhood. You can also take them to the nearest animal center. National Puppy Day celebrates puppies all around the world and is a way of us showing God how grateful we are for this amazing and extremely cute creation. Celebrate National Puppy Day on 23rd March!


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