National Pet Day

National Pet Day 2023

Are you bored with your life? Are you looking for the right friend or companion who can help keep you occupied? Are you searching for a worthwhile hobby? Or do you want to teach your child responsibility? If this is what you want to do, quickly adopt a pet on pet day! National Pet Day is celebrated on 11th April every year in the United States of America, and this day is a reminder to love your pet day and is especially by pet owners. National Pet day is recognized by pet owners all over the world. Raising pets, be it birds, cats, dogs, or creatures in a domestic setting, is a fun activity! Plus, playing with your pet is sure to liven up your day, no matter how dull it may seem. This article is specially created to let you know all about National Pet day.


The history behind National Pet day

National Pet day April was first founded by Colleen Page, an animal welfare advocate. Colleen Page was very keen to make people celebrate their pets, which go on unrecognized. Colleen came up with the idea of national pet day in April while advocating for the adoption of pet animals. National Pet Day April was first celebrated in 2006. It is not all about recognizing pets, but it focuses on helping garner the interest of more individuals into adopting pets, with the ultimate goal being for each individual to find the right companions in the animals. The world animal day on April 11 is focused on spay-neuter awareness month and is also a crucial part of the pet holidays.


Facts about Pets

A few fun facts about pets are:

  • Dalmatians are born spotless.
  • Dogs have about 10 vocal sounds.
  • Dogs are not color blind.
  • Cats can jump as much as seven times their height.
  • A pack of kittens is called a Kindle.
  • The world’s fastest dog is the Greyhound.
  • Hugging a puppy releases a chemical called oxytocin in the brain of both the person and the puppy. Hence it is also known as the ‘Huddle hormone.’


How to celebrate National Pet Day?

One can celebrate National Pet day by adopting a pet from the nearest animal shelter. If one can’t adopt a pet, then the next option could be to volunteer to take care of the abandoned pets at the animal shelter on the pet holidays day in April. Another amazing thing that one can do to celebrate National Pet day April would be making a generous donation to animal welfare organizations or your nearest animal shelter. You can also be an animal welfare advocate and spread the love on social media on world pet memorial day. Take amazing and funny pictures of your pet and share them on social media with the hashtag: #national_pet_day. End the day by giving your pet a hug and some special treat! This national pet day in April is also similar to plush animal lovers day, active dog month, cuddly kitten day, veterans day, national mutt day. Every day is national pet day April for all the pet lovers and friends who are also lifestyle experts. It is one of those holidays which is celebrated by family lifestyle experts and animals love spreader.


Why celebrate National Pet Day?

It is important to celebrate National Pet day as it is the only day of the year when we recognize our pet for the love and companionship that it has provided us with. National Pet Day is a day that reminds us of how granted we take our pets and the need to take better care of them. It also helps create awareness of homeless animals and gives them a nice home to stay. So join us as we celebrate National Pet day this 11th April!


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