National Sugar Cookie Day
Celebrated On July 9, 2021

National Sugar Cookie Day 269 days to go

Sugar cookies are yummy and awesome. The yummy sugar cookies melt the taste buds. They are liked by children and adults. Sugar cookies find an important role during the Christmas and on special occasions. The recipe of a perfect sugar cookie isn’t hard. It can be made using a mixture of sugar, vanilla, eggs, butter, flour, and either baking soda or baking powder. The simple recipe has got the power to capture the hearts of all those who taste it.

History of National Sugar Cookie Day

Sugar cookies find its place in every celebration, and it has got a day to celebrate its wonders. The national sugar cookie day is celebrated on July 9th. It is popular in The United States of America and many other countries around the world. The day is celebrated to honour the taste of sugar cookies. The creation of the sugar cookie day can be traced back to 1700s, but the history is not very clear.

The house bill was passed in the year 1892, and Pennsylvania adopted the Nazarene sugar cookie as the official cookie of the commonwealth.


History of Sugar Cookies

The origin of sugar cookies is credited to Nazarene’s of Pennsylvania. It dates back to 100s.

The first sugar cookies weren’t called as sugar cookies. They were called by many different names before being called a sugar cookie.

The recipe of the sugar cookie comes from an earlier source known as a jumble. Jumble is a biscuit that was unleavened and could be stored for many months after it was dried.

Sugar cookies are being marketed well in the present-day world. In 2015, Pillsbury got the world record for making the most cookies ice within 60 minutes. The enlisted the help of shoppers at the mall of America and 1169 sugar cookies were decorated.


What should we do on National Sugar Cookie Day?

If one is a lover of web series, the night or the evening of national sugar cookie day can be enjoyed by munching the sugar cookies and enjoying the favourite series.

The packets or boxes of sugar cookies can be brought from the favourite bakery to celebrate the national sugar cookie day.

National sugar cookie day can be an opportunity to show our culinary skills. The recipe can be shared among the friends and the family. The freshly baked cookies are yummy. The ones who love to cook can give a try and enjoy the self-made cookies. 


Why should we celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day?

Sugar cookies are a part of all celebrations, and it deserves a day to celebrate. The sugar cookies give happiness for us, and let the national sugar cookies day be celebrated to be happier. The sugar cookie is the most loved snack, and let the love be shared with the family and friends on the national sugar cookie day.

There are a lot of varieties of sugar cookies. Each one is yummy in its own way. A lifetime isn’t enough to try all the variety of sugar cookies and decide the best.


When is National Sugar Cookie Day?

2020July 9
2021July 9
2022July 9
2023July 9


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