National Taco Day

National Taco Day 2023

Last Updated on February 26, 2023

Every year on October 4, National taco day is celebrated. Tacos are always delicious and are mouthwatering; they deserve a day to celebrated. The dish consisting of small hand-sized corn or wheat tortilla topped with a filling. Fillings can be of chicken, mutton, beef, pork. The tortilla is then folded around the filling then take a crocodile bite!

History of National Taco Day 

  • Taco was first spread by the anthropologist Arturo Warman, which specialized in prehistoric Mexican culture for much of his career.
  • The word taco means ‘stuff’. Tacos are originated from Mexico. The tacos are of the best dishes from Mexican cuisine.
  • Tacos became a versatile part of Mexica cuisine, drastically spreading far and wide. From that point, many people loved the taste of tacos and included tacos in their food schedule.
  • By 1914 Californian cookbooks started to include taco recipes.
  • Hernando Cortez, Spain conquistador, named the native flatbread “tlaxcalli” in a letter to Spain’s King Charles V. The year was 1520, then Cortez and his fellows renamed the bread as ‘tortilla.’
  • The hard shells or crispy taco is a Mexican dish that was developed in the United States. The word taco is originated from Nahuatl the word ‘tlahco’ means ‘half or in the middle,’ which is named on the way it is formed.

How to observe National Taco Day?

  • On this day, there would be many offers in the Mexican cuisine restaurants, so go to your nearby taqueria, Mexican restaurant, Taco Bell.
  • Buy the needed ingredients to make a fiery and acidic taco! The best dishes are not bought; they are made. Make your tacos with love.
  • Give tacos to your friends, family, and loved ones because together is a wonderful place. So spread love to your family and friends by giving tacos!
  • Everybody loves tacos because of their deliciousness and finger-licking taste! To organize a party with your loved ones, family, friends. The people’s love towards taco will never change!
  • There is a variety of tacos all over the world. Most people restrict us to eat tacos mentioning that they are not good for our health, but if you have fallen in love with them, you can’t stop loving them!
  • On October 4, host a taco contest with your neighborhood community members. Boost them to make their signature style! Tacos suits for all occasions and parties.
  • Look for a movie; pull up your friends or loved ones, grab a couch and make or order tacos and enjoy the day! The best combination of tacos and cool drinks which makes your day cool!

Why we love National Taco Day and the importance of National Taco Day?

  • Tacos are irreplaceable! Tacos taste like no other dishes; the take is very different and mouth-watering.
  • Tacos are meant for all. It doesn’t matter you are a carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore. You will definitely love tacos!
  • Take a picture of your signature style tacos and post it with #tuesdaytaco#nationaltacoday#tacolove.
  • The best combinations for tacos are sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, chopped tomato, onion, salsa, and cheese for a great tasty day.
  • You cannot make everyone happy because you are not a taco!

When is National Taco Day 2023?

2020Oct 4
2021Oct 4
2022Oct 4
2023Oct 4

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