World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day 2023

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Emojis have become an integral part of our daily communication in the era of smartphones and social media. They have transformed how we convey our emotions online, bringing people together from different parts of the world despite language differences. World Emoji Day is observed annually as a national day on July 17th to commemorate this phenomenon. Use this opportunity to show your emotions and make your communication smarter. 

History of World Emoji Day

This special day celebrates emojis and elevates your communication game. It was started in 2014 by Jeremy Burge, who made a website about emojis. They picked July 17th because that’s the day on the calendar emoji. Every year, people have fun celebrating emojis on this day and enjoy communicating with emojis.

Why Celebrate World Emoji Day?

In modern communication, emojis are essential as they enable us to portray our emotions and communicate in ways beyond words. According to a study conducted by Adobe, 81% of people agree that emojis facilitate the expression of their sentiments.

Emojis are not just for fun; they can also be used to show important things. For example, the raised fist emoji is used by a group called #MeToo to show they are together and fighting against bad things.

How to Celebrate World Emoji Day?

There are many ways to celebrate World Emoji Day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Use emojis in your messages: Emojis are like little pictures you can use when you send messages to make them more fun and show your personality. You can use them when sending texts or posting on social media to have more fun!
  2. Host an emoji-themed party: Plan an emoji-themed party, and ask your friends to come to a party with an emoji theme! You can make food and drinks that look like your favorite emojis and have a contest to see who has the best emoji costume.
  3. Create your emoji: Do you like using emojis when you text or message your friends? Well, you can now make your own! Some special tools and apps help you make your very own emoji. So give it a try and make the most of this day.
  4. Learn about the history of emojis: Emojis are little pictures people use on the internet. They’ve been around for a long time and have changed significantly. On this National Day in 2023, you can learn more about their origins and how they’ve grown.

Fun Facts About Emojis

Here are some fun facts to impress your friends on World Emoji Day:

  1. The word “emoji” comes from the Japanese words for “picture” (e) and “character” (moji).
  2. The first emoji was created in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist and designer.
  3. There are over 3,000 emojis in the Unicode Standard, with new ones added yearly.
  4. The most popular emoji in the world is the laughing face with tears of joy.
  5. The least popular emoji is the input symbol for Latin capital letters.

In Conclusion

World Emoji Day is a special day to have fun and celebrate the pictures we use on our phones and computers to talk to each other and make more meaningful conversations. These pictures have become very significant in how we talk to each other every day. They started in Japan, and now everyone uses them worldwide! It’s a wonderful way to think about how they connect us all and make communication hassle-free.

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