World Environment Day
Celebrated On June 5, 2021

World Environment Day 236 days to go

World Environment Day is the day that is observed to protect nature. This day urges everyone to protect their natural surroundings. Protecting nature may sound simple but it is the important thing that we failed to consider. Some facts may help you to understand the importance of nature. Every year nearly 7  million people die due to the causes that are related to air pollution and now this may convey the importance of protecting nature. We are in the stage of protecting nature at least we should protect it for us to have a healthy life. Every year June 5 is observed as World Environment Day and the objective of this day is to protect and save nature. 


History of the World Environment Day


    • 1968 (The idea for the world environment day was born, Sweden suggested to the United Nations to have a conference focused on the environment)
  • 1972 (First United Nation conference held about the environment and its issues like global  warming, marine pollution, and human overpopulation)
  • 1974  (The first world environmental day was celebrated in Spokane at Washington)
  • 2019 (China raised awareness with the slogan “Beat Air Pollution” for the seven million people who die every year due to the causes of air pollution.



Activities to do on the World Environment Day


  • Plant trees and do not spoil the existing trees

Trees are one of the best things that save and protect nature, trees absorb all the odors and the harmful gases. Trees filter and purify the air also, trees act as an air conditioner during the summer. So on this world environment day plant trees as much as you can and never ever damage or cut the existing trees. 

  • Make a commitment

On this day make a commitment to recycle, do not throw all the things on the street or at the regular dust bin. You can throw the plastics in the recycle bin so that the government will recycle it and the pollution level will be decreased. Do not even throw a small plastic cup on the normal bin because of the recycle bin is not available. Search for the recycle bin and dispose the plastic there.

  • Be a volunteer

Anyone can be a volunteer and the volunteer can make a great difference in the community. So, get out of your comfort zone and start volunteering. Start creating awareness about the importance of nature and about the protection of nature to your friends, family, and neighbors.


Why Everyone Loves World Environment Day?


  • The day encourages people to take action

The world environment day creates awareness among the people and it encourages the people to take some action to save nature. It makes people understand about the diseases caused by the polluted nature and encourages people to take action.

  • The day reconnects us with nature

Sometimes we may forget about the importance of nature, due to the personal works of us we may also forget to concern about nature and lost the relationship with nature. This world environment day reconnects us with nature. This day tells us the importance of nature in our well-being, how we depend on nature. This day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the best things of nature and also to celebrate the bonding of us with nature.


When is World Environment Day?

2020June 5
2021June 5
2022June 5
2023June 5


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