World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day 2023

Last Updated on February 7, 2023


Kindness is the noblest and heart-warming gesture of humankind, and the world today is definitely in need of this more often. Kindness knows no race, power, religion, caste, language, and social status, which is why it is often known as the universal sign of love. 

Kindness being the need of the hour, is to be practiced globally, not only within countries but also between countries, and this insight has given rise to world kindness day. This day is being celebrated on the 13th of November every year throughout the world. Although this day has not been made official by the United Nations, it was first started in India in the year 2009 along with Singapore, and since then, it is being observed successfully every year.


History Of Kindness Day

This was initiated in the year 1998 by the world kindness movement in Tokyo, where like-minded kindness organizations were all combined together throughout the world. Currently, 28 nations are part of this organization. 

This movement has been free from the bias of either political or religious grounds ensuring the world becomes a kinder place for everyone to live in. Officials were being invited from worldwide to take the public platform in the conference to share their stories and initiatives taken in their respective countries to express their kindness to the citizens inspiring other participants. 


How To Observe World Kindness Day?

It is important to recognize, appreciate, and highlight the good deeds that a community or a nation indulges in to give them more positive energy and also to encourage other countries to do so. As already mentioned, kindness being a common thread connecting us across continents can unite and support people emotionally, economically, socially, and physically. This fundamental gesture is definitely essential for the development of a nation.

Being compassionate and kind starts with the smallest thing on an individual level in any form, like physically helping our family members with their daily chores, spending an entire day with grandparents or older adults, and trying to emotionally connect with them or sponsor a day’s food to the orphaned people. 

Finally, it is also important to be kind to yourself because it becomes difficult to help others with their problems if you go too hard on yourself.  This day’s main objective is to make the world you live in a better place by spreading love and kindness. Positive energy is always contagious and will make you and the people around happy towards the end of the day.

 Several activities such as concerts, dance mobs, awareness campaigns, and recently kindness cards have been introduced, which is a token of either offering some help or receiving help from someone on that day. 


Why Celebrating World Kindness Day Is Important?

This day has its own significance because it is being accepted globally owing to the nature of the day. Kindness, when used without inhibitions, can promote world peace and a better quality of life. It is the biggest blessing and an amazing way to share love.


When is World Kindness Day?

2020Nov 13
2021Nov 13
2022Nov 13
2023Nov 13


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