National Pepperoni Pizza Day

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Every year September 20 is observed as the national pepperoni pizza day. Kevin James (an American actor) says that there is no other better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap. We have to agree with Kevin James because the pizza box on our lap is one of the greatest feelings ever in the world. Pizza comes with many different kinds of toppings, and pepperoni is the most popular topping of pizza. Whether you like pizza in New York style or Chicago style, thin or thick, crispy, or deep side, just add pepperoni as toppings, and it will be amazing. Pizza may be associated with Italy, but this pepperoni pizza is purely associated with the American. Nowadays, people out of America are also crazy about the taste of pepperoni pizza, which is the reason to celebrate this day.

History of the National Pepperoni Pizza Day

The pizza was first prepared and conceived in 1889 by Raffaele Esposito, whereas some people believe that the first pizza was sold in Naples, Italy, in 1738. Pizza is best for every occasion and best for any time. A birthday party, get-together, movie, or whatever it is, pizza will be a perfect choice. After the birth of pizza, many people have revealed their creativity on its topping, they added many things, and that’s how pepperoni pizza was born. Nowadays, people love pizza, and they love pepperoni pizza more than that. There is no authentic date in the history of the national pepperoni pizza day. But this day might be created by some pepperoni pizza lovers, and the objective of this day is to celebrate and enjoy the deliciousness of the pepperoni pizza.


Activities to do on the National Pepperoni Pizza Day


  • Organize a pizza party

On this day, just taste a lot of pizza as much as you can. Get a variety of pepperoni pizzas from all the stores nearby you, try all the varieties, too thin to thick, and conclude which is best.

  • Make some pizza

Call your friends and family to your place, and everyone starts to make some pepperoni pizza in their own way. Get all the ingredients from the local store and start to make delicious pepperoni pizza.


Why Everyone Loves the National Pepperoni Pizza Day?


  • We love pizza

We all know that change is the only thing that will not change. And now we can add another thing to that. That is people’s love for pizza; yes, it will never change. Especially people are deeply in love with the taste of pepperoni pizza.

  • Good to have

Some people may say that pizzas are not healthy food, but we love it; we have fallen in love with it. It is good to consider good nutrition food at the same time we have to consider delicious foods like pepperoni pizza. Moreover, it got all the food groups, like fruits, veggies, grain, dairy, meat, etc. 

  • Pepperoni is a king

There are many varieties available when it comes to toppings, but pepperoni is the first, so pepperoni is the king of toppings. And it is easy to get, so wherever you are, if the place has pizza, then they must have pepperoni pizza. So get it anywhere at any time and have a great time.


When is National Pepperoni Pizza Day?

2020Sep 20
2021Sep 20
2022Sep 20
2023Sep 20


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