National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

French is the yummiest snack. Majority of us like French fries. French fries have got their fame all over the world. They are a much-preferred snack to have a delightful evening. French fries are yummier with ketchup, cheese, and mayonnaise. The crispy French fries melt the heart as it is bitten. They have the power to cause addiction. Even infinite bowls of French wouldn’t make a person say enough. The taste of French fries pulls one, and it increases the desire to want more. Though it is commercialized as the favorite snack of kids, adults too love the same as kids love it.

History of National French Fry Day

The national French fry day is celebrated on July 13th. The history of who began the celebration and how the celebration began is not documented. The national French fry day occurs a day before an important French holiday called Bastille day. The national French fries day is famous in The The United States of America and many other countries worldwide.


History of French Fries

  • The term “French fried potatoes” was first coined in the year 1856. It is also known as the Cookery for maids of all work by E.Warren.
  • It is believed that the term French fries has its origin during the time of world war 1. The American soldiers landed in Belgium and tasted the Belgium fries. It is believed that the American soldiers started calling them French fries because the official language of the Belgium army was French.
  • The origin of French Fries isn’t from France though it is called the French fries.
  • The French fries were sold when the first Mcdonald’s was open in San Bernardino in California in the year 1940.
  • The arrival of French fries into The United States of America is credited to Thomas Jefferson. He served as a minister of France from 1784 to 1789. It is said that he served potatoes in a French manner for the white house dinner.


What should we do on National French Fries Day?

The best way to credit the national French fries day is to enjoy them in the restaurants with friends and family. McDonald’s, KFC, and other popular restaurants will grab the opportunity to offer amazing deals. It would be amazing to have the French fries as a starter for an awesome dinner.

The recipe for crispy French fries is not very hard. The one who loves to try different recipes can try to make French fries on National French fries day. The best combo for French fries could be mayonnaise, and that is also an easy recipe to be tried along with the French fries.


Why should we celebrate National French Fries Day?

The French fries have an amazing history. Of course, potatoes are loved by people around the around, and the yummy recipe with potatoes deserve a celebration.

French Fries are high in calories, and they must be consumed within limits. The taste of it may make one want more, but one should set the limit with a tough heart.


When is National French Fries Day?

2023July 13Thursday
2024July 13Saturday
2025July 13Sunday


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