National Pie Day

National Pie Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Everyone loves sweet dishes like cakes and desserts, which are made up of sugary items. Among those festive foods, the pie is also a favorite dish of many people all around the world. A pie is made up of fruits and a pastry layer, which is made of dough. The meal consists of various types, such as apple, strawberry, and cheesecake. People celebrate national pie day annually in the United States.

The pie day is usually celebrated on 23rd January. This day is an unofficial holiday in America, while people love to celebrate it enthusiastically. This day was celebrated from the 1970s to this day. And let’s know a little bit about this delicious dish.


History of National Pie Day


It all dates back to the ancient Greeks who started making the pie. They made it by adding water and dough and made it into a pastry. Fruits and honey are also included in them. Sometimes fruits will be replaced by meats or fishes. This was then improvised by the Romans, who made it better, and they added all kinds of meat, which made it taste different or rendered a new way to the modern-day pie. The middle ages also play a major role in the history of pie. It was started celebrated in 1975, Because of a teacher in Colorado named Charlie Papazian. He Loved pie more than him, so he wanted to celebrate the pie day on his birthday, and it went on to become a pie day.

  1. The fruit pie is a breakfast food for people in the U.S. Originally.
  2. Florida has its official pie named Key lime pie.
  3. The official pie of Illinois is the pumpkin pie.
  4. The official pie of Delaware is Peach custard pie.
  5. The official pie of Indiana is Sugar crème pie.


Why we Celebrate National Pie Day?


There is no particular reason to celebrate national pie day; this day is to solely celebrate the pie, Because of its history and the legacy of this legendary dish. This day is celebrated to remind everyone how it evolved and still intact with society today and its deliciousness. These are the reasons to celebrate this day. Charlie Papazian is the reason why we celebrate national pie day on January 23, and to understand how much he loved pie.


How to Celebrate National Pie Day?


The best way to celebrate national pie day is to spend time with friends and have a sugary pie just for this particular day and by sharing the sweet pie crusts with homeless folks. You can bake different pies using easy pie recipes and sell them. Pie making is an art; make sure to check out all the recipes and give a shoutout on social media on the eve of the national pie. You can even try to make some new variety of pies and present them to the neighbors, and it can be the best way of celebrating pie day national tradition. Another best way to celebrate national pie day is to visit pie shops and share on social media. Try out different pies like pumpkin pie, honey pie, pie with ice cream, apple pie, pie made of goat cheese, fruit pies, pumpkin lemon meringue pie, pecan, etc.; enjoy the slice of pie with a brewer. The lemon meringue pies are loaded with flavor and are top sellers on the menu during the pie day event.

This day national pie day can be used for any purpose, even for a single day to enjoy a slice of pecan pie in your life. This food is one of the Major dishes that is so much healthier and tastier. And pie recipe is said to be one of its kind because of its brief history and rich pie heritage. So, start celebrating this day on January 23 with a treat to the apple pie lovers. Try out all the pies recipe by making a list of them.


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