National Popcorn Day
Celebrated On January 19, 2021

National Popcorn Day 99 days to go

Snack! Isn’t that a word that brings joy to everyone? yes. Each and everyone has their favorites, and not every bite is widespread as the delicious “popcorn”.It is one of the foods that are available all over the world. Whenever people want to watch a movie, Everyone has this snack in their hands to enjoy with it.

There are many varieties in this snack, Not in the taste but the mixtures that are used in popcorn. Popcorn day is celebrated on January 19 every year, all over the world, annually. On this day, this favorite snack is honored for making us feel entertained in cinemas, which is playing a huge part while watching a movie.



The history of this delicious snack was unknown, Where no one has any genuine details about it. There is some information that says it was made in 400B.C.But popping corn goes way back before that, so no one knows the exact period of its origin. But, the holiday is said to be started during the super bowl, which went on to be a celebration.

  1. One of the largest producers of popcorn in the U.S is Nebraska, Which produces popcorn more than any other state in it.
  2. There are many types of popcorn. One among them is a snowflake, which is used in the theatres. It looks big and less corn will fill the bucket and make it look full.
  3. At 175o C, The corn will be popped due to the temperature.
  4. Americans consume more popcorn and it increases by 5 percent every year.
  5. Popcorn is rich in fibers that are healthy and very low in calories.



It is celebrated on January,19. While some people in America celebrate during the Superbowl. This unofficial holiday is one of the fun-filled holidays of the year. And another reason for people to celebrate is everyone loves popcorn and watching the movie while eating it. It plays a major role in everyone’s lives, so people take up a day to celebrate. This is one of those easiest snacks, which is very much easy to prepare.



This special occasion is celebrated by watching a favorite movie with their friends or family, And having a bucket full of snowflake corn is enough to make the day special and enjoyable. There is another way of celebrating it, and that would be a little more fun. Where wearing a necklace made of popcorn and using it to decorate the house using popcorn or trying a new flavor in the market.

It is one of the loveable snacks which is not so bad for our health and a fun snack which will be in our hands whenever we want to be entertained through a movie or Netflix it will make it even better, Not so costly either and easy to make. If you never celebrated this day, Get ready for celebrating this fun-filled day once a year.


When is National Popcorn Day?

2020Jan 19
2021Jan 19
2022Jan 19
2023Jan 19


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