National Puzzle Day
Celebrated On January 29, 2021

National Puzzle Day 104 days to go

Puzzles are a source of developing the abilities of our brain. We would have played and enjoyed simple puzzles involving pictures as a kid. Puzzles are of different types. Some puzzles will give as tricks with pictures, while others would have letters, words or numbers.

Puzzles are challenging. We could spend the free time of the day by engaging in solving a challenging puzzle. The puzzle could be an entertaining activity for kids and adults as well. Researchers say that people solving puzzles have better memory and creativity.

There is a day dedicated to celebrating the wonderful activity of solving the puzzle.


History of national puzzle day

The national puzzle day falls on January 29th in the united states of America and a few other countries. It is said that the national puzzle day was started in the year 2002. The creator of the day is a person called Jodi Jill.


Historical facts on national puzzle day

  1. Jodi Jill is a professional quiz maker and puzzle maker. She created puzzles for classroom lessons and its popularity grew. 
  2. The Jigsaw puzzle is popular among kids. The history of it is traced back to the mid of the 18th century.
  3. The first Jigsaw puzzle was created by John Spilsbury in 1760.
  4. The history of when the puzzle evolved is not known. Historical records say it must have evolves even before humans started using language for communication.
  5. International puzzle day was created by a games company in the United States of America in the year 1995. The day  falls on January 29th.


What should we do on the national puzzle day?

Games involving puzzle are fun. Social media can be used to invite friends for fun events related to solving different types of puzzles.

The activity of solving fun-filled and challenging puzzles should be celebrated on the national puzzle day. If there are kids in the locality it will be a great idea to organize events and competitions for them.

It will be a great idea to gift a jigsaw puzzle or any books related to puzzle for friends and family and encourage them to work on it and get benefited.


Why should we celebrate national puzzle day?

1)      Solving puzzles have an enormous benefit for mental health. National puzzle day will be an encouragement for people to get introduced to the activity of solving puzzles.

2)      Solving puzzles will be an engaging activity at old age. On celebrating the day awareness programs can be organized to engage the grandparents and great grandparents.

3)      Various forms of Puzzles had existed since ancient days. The national puzzle day should be celebrated to make the future generation enjoy any kind of puzzle.

4)      It is said that solving puzzles has benefits on nervous disorders. The day should be celebrated to create awareness among the people suffering from nervous disorders.

Working on puzzles is a wonderful exercise for our brain. Let the national puzzle day be celebrated to create awareness on the benefits of working with different types of puzzles.


When is National Puzzle Day?

2020Jan 29
2021Jan 29
2022Jan 29
2023Jan 29


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