National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day 2023

Last Updated on March 12, 2023

It is an age-old saying that books are the best companions. We live in a digital era where e.books are the trend, but the bibliophile will never deny that the scent of old books mesmerizes the mind. Books are of various types, but they impact our life. Book lovers will have infinite words to describe their affinity for reading. Book lovers would say that they could spend 24/7 reading. National book lovers day could be a boon to such bibliophiles.

History of National Book Lovers Day

Every year, national book lovers’ day is celebrated on August 9th. The day is quite popular all over the world. The history of the creator and the creation of the national book lover’s day are not documented.

History of Books

  • The historical archives say that the very first books in the world used parchment or calfskin for the pages.
  • The covers of the ancient books were made of wood and covered with leathers.
  • Public libraries appeared in the middle ages. Those were the era when the CCTV camera wasn’t invented, so books were chained to the shelves or desks to prevent theft.
  • The publishing industry has gone through a huge change over the years. Nowadays, books are printed only after a customer place an order. This is of great benefit for the authors and the distributors.

Why do we celebrate National Book Lovers Day?

Books are the source of knowledge. The books give us information about eras that we have not seen. The writers should be respected for putting a detailed account of the things in their books. Fiction writers should be appreciated for their wonderful imaginations. National book lovers day is a tribute to the authors and a day of excitement for all book lovers.

Books enlighten us, motivate us, and also entertain us. So, book lovers must celebrate national book lovers day. Book lovers are to be celebrated because they are the best motivation for writers.

What should we do on National Book Lovers Day?

The best joy on national book lover day is gifting books to loved ones. The day could be celebrated by reading a favorite book all day. The greatest joy for a book lover is buying books. The day could be celebrated by purchasing the books that the heart wished to buy for long.

National book lovers day is a chance to bond with other book lovers. It will be amazing to visit a popular library and make new friends. Writers who have wanted to write a book for a long can make a start on national book lovers’ day.

Reading should start from childhood. The day can be a chance to read with young children.

Books will undergo a lot of evolution and come up in different forms. They will stand majestic as a source of knowledge until the human race exists.

When is National Book Lovers Day?

2023Aug 9Wednesday
2024Aug 9Friday
2025Aug 9Saturday

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