National Short Person Day

National Short Person Day 2023

Last Updated on April 16, 2023

Some people who are short love the way they are. There is the greatest advantage of being short. Yes! On being short person would look younger than his/her age.

There is a national day dedicated to short people. People can be just short due to their genes without any disability, or some are short due to disabilities.

There is also a national day for short girls. The national day for short girls falls on December 21st, and the National short person day falls on December 22nd. National short person day is celebrated in other parts of the world too, but it is more popular in the United States of America.

History of National Short person-day

The history of comforting short people dates back to the 1400s. The shoes called chopines raised the height of a person to 18 inches. Noblewomen wore them in Venice.

Queen Elizabeth 1 also portrayed herself wearing high heels, showing that wearing footwear with heels adds beauty to a short person. But, it is unknown when and how the trend of celebrating a national day existed.

Facts on National short person day

  1. It is said that half of Americans are below average in height compared to others worldwide. So, National short person day is widely popular in the United States of America.
  2. Girls are generally shorter when compared to boys. So, there is a day to appreciate short girls. The national day dedicated to short girls is to boost their self-confidence.
  3. International Day for Dwarfism falls on October 25th. It must not be confused with the national short person, which is a recent trend. Dwarfism Day brings awareness to dwarfism, and it has been a tradition for a long around the world.

What should we do not National short person day?

  • It would be nice to bring a smile to the face of a friend or family member who is short on a national short person day. We could get a gift for them and make them feel good.
  • If you are a short person, you could try to feel good on national short person day by posting about the advantages of being short on social media.

Why should we celebrate National short person day?

  1. There is a national short person day to enforce the fact that being short can be held with pride.
  2. Accepting short persons is also promoted on a national short person day. So, people would be sensitive enough to short persons and not humiliate them.
  3. Short persons would feel more comfortable, and it will boost self-confidence.

Being short is natural, and it is just the way God has destined a short person to be. Many short people are popular around the world. As being tall is seen as pride, being short is also pride. Let the short people feel good on a national short person day.

When is National Short Person Day?

2023Dec 22Friday
2024Dec 22Sunday
2025Dec 22Monday

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