National Milk Day

National Milk Day 2023

Milk is a rich source of vitamins. Milk has vitamin B2, B12, calcium, iodine, potassium, phosphorous and healthy fats. Milk form’s an important part of human life. Drink Milk every day as it strengthens the bone and gives immunity.

Milk forms an essential part of our life since birth. Nowadays, we get milk in packets, and various companies market it. Drink milk every day to stay healthy and strong.

The father of the white revolution is Verghese Kurien. Verghese Kurian is the pride of India. This person is the reason for India being the largest producer of milk in the world. The national milk day is celebrated on January 11 to mark the invention of French Chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur.


History of national milk day


Food and agricultural organizations declared World milk day to emphasize the importance of milk as a global food. World milk day is celebrated on June 1st since 2001. Many countries have their own national day to celebrate and emphasize the importance of milk in the diet. World milk day is celebrated in more than 40 countries worldwide apart from their own national milk day, January 11.


Historical facts on national milk day


  • It is said that the united states of America celebrate milk day on January 11th. The national milk day differs from one country to another, but it is majorly celebrated to mark the contribution of French Chemist and Biologist Louis Pasteur.
  • In 2014, India’s Indian dairy association and other dairy majors decided to observe November 26th as national milk day in India.
  • The history of milk deliveries in glass bottles at New York dairy company has no much data.


What should we do on national milk day?


It would be awesome to make some delicious dishes using milk product like ice cream and enjoying it with the family and friends on milk day. It would be good to participate in any cooking contest conducted in the locality and try our culinary skills and prepare food dishes using dairy products like ice cream on milk day. If none is conducted, we can host some competitions in our locality and invite people to participate with milk cartons. We can make it interesting by asking people to use milk and products as a sole ingredient and give awesome prizes. Milk is a wholesome food loaded with vitamin D. If your body doesn’t support dairy foods, try whey protein on January 11.

Fundraising for charity must be done through various events conducted on milk day, and such activities boost the pasteurization industry to produce milk.


Why should we celebrate national milk day?


  • The national milk is certainly a tribute to the holy cow. Cow milk is rich in nutrients. We should celebrate a day to promote awareness of the need for cow milk in our diet.
  • Milk bottles should be available to children belonging to all strata of society. On celebrating a day, the awareness about the need to drink milk in the diet can be spread to all people in the society through the various organized events on that day. Billion people in New York love the common sense milk jar beverage on January 11.
  • A balanced diet should include at least half a liter to one glass of milk each day. It is always good to have a glass of milk before we sleep in the night. So it is good to get aware of the rich nutrients in the milk and enjoy its taste. Let the awareness of the importance of milk and dairy products be spread around the world on national milk day. This will encourage dairy farmers and the pasteurization industry to produce milk. The milk production in New York City needs more attention, give a shout-out on social media and let this beverage get more attention across the United States.


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