National Picnic Day

National Picnic Day

Picnics are a beautiful activity to indulge in with friends and family. It is a wonderful time to move away from every day’s curiosity, do something fresh in the recreation area, and step out of the living room. Picnics help to spice up life’s boredom for everyone. It is a wonderful time for family and friends to bond and spend some quality time. Having a meal outside one’s home on April 23rd at someplace open and scenic is a truly beautiful experience; just pack the picnic basket and create a pot luck atmosphere with yummy picnic foods. Starting from packing the food and all the other needed stuff to finishing the meal, the entire process is an experience in itself. Every year, April 23rd is celebrated as National Picnic Day. You can also spread the word about this day, April 23, on social media with pictures of cold plates, paper plates, lunch, and make sure to use the right hashtags and share with everyone.


The history behind National Picnic Day:

It is funny that many people think that the word ‘picnic’ is actually an English word. The word ‘picnic’ is actually derived from the french word ‘piquenique.’ It is believed that the tradition of picnics first began in France in the 18th century, where the French would go out on holiday and consume bread, wine, cheese, and fruits under the open sky. A truly blissful experience, if you can visualize it. But how people conduct a picnic has varied across the years and with culture.


Facts about picnics:

National Picnic Day is celebrated on April 23rd, every year, in the United States. 18th June is celebrated as International Picnic Day all over the world. In 2000, a 600-mile long picnic was arranged in France to celebrate the new millennium’s first Bastille Day. After the French Revolution in 1789, the Royal parks were opened to the public, celebrating by hosting picnics. In the 19th century, there was even a society dedicated to picnicking based in London called the Picnic Society. One can witness lots of Italians picnicking on Easter Monday, also known as Pasquetta or Little Easter.


How to Observe National Picnic Day:

can celebrate National Picnic Day by getting out of the house or taking a day off from work to pack food, invite family and friends and go to a park or someplace scenic (like a beach or meadow) to spend some quality fun time. It is a beautiful experience to coordinate a picnic as one allots responsibilities to each member and expects them to complete their task. Take a snap and post it on social media; #nationalpicnicday! One could either picnic on a bench or go old school by picnicking on a blanket.


Why celebrate National Picnic Day:

The purpose of National Picnic Day is not to plainly have a meal outside. It is all about breaking the cycle of monotony that dictates one’s life and thinking beyond themselves, thus spending time with friends and family. National Picnic Day is a much-needed holiday as it reminds us to take a break from continuously running in life and foster love and humanity with the people we care about. In short, National Picnic Day does not just celebrate humanity, but all the beautiful things that life has to offer to us!


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