National Beer Day
Celebrated On April 7, 2021

National Beer Day 176 days to go

April 7 – the National beer day. Celebrate this beer day with a pale ale, stout, larger, or wheat beer. Beer has become important in human culture. Humans are fond of having a beer (still it continues) on every occasion, like to celebrate, to have fun, to get out the mental strain, etc., People have started brewing beer when they started to cultivate cereal. After the water and tea, beer is the third most popular drink in the overall world and everyone prefers beer.


National Beer Day Timeline


  • April 7, 1993 (Beer day idea took shape)

On April 7, 1993, the American president Roosevelt has initiated the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer in the U. S.


  • Milestone at 2009

National beer day was first created in 2009, by Justin Smith and Connolly by creating a National Beer Day page on Facebook. And they invited their friends to join in this page, and the word has spread to many sources that April 7 is the National Beer Day.


Activities to do on National Beer Day


  • Chill the beer, call your friends, and say cheers

Drive the bike to the local beer-selling store and pick up nice and refreshing beers. Call your friends and have a great time catching up on some brews in the hand.


  • Rock on the floor

How about boozing and dancing with your beloved people. Yeah get the best refreshing beer and drink it with your loved one, and play your favorite music and dance with them. Make a perfect party feel.


  • Tour to your local brewery

Search online for the brewery that is nearby you. The results (various locations) will make you amazing, and travel to those breweries and have amazing beers. It will mot take much planning to have a great time at a brewery, simply enjoy it.


Why Everyone Love National Beer Day


  • The amazing taste of the beer

Researcher says that the taste of the beer releases certain chemicals in the brain that makes people want to drink more. Moreover, the taste of beer – without any effect from alcohol can trigger the secretion of dopamine in a person’s brain. So, it helps you to be happy and to be out of stress.


  • Beer is a reward

Beer is not just a drink, instead, it is an achievement of sorts. After all the hard work that you have done, beer will make you get out of the pressure. In simple words, beer is like a sort of Oscar/gold medal for a person at the end of the day.


  • Beer makes people together

As you know “Unity is Strength”, the beer helps to unite the people. It helps you to hang out with the people whom you love and make your day a memorable one. It helps you to strengthen the relationship with your beloved people and also it helps you to build a bond with new people.

So, to get out of your life’s stress, and to enjoy a day with more fun, wait for the April 7 and celebrate it with your friends. Get the best and amazing brewery to make your bonding more strong. Celebrate safely, Don’t drive after you drunk.


When is National Beer Day?

2020April 7
2021April 7
2022April 7
2023April 7


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