World Nutella Day

World Nutella Day 2023

Nutella is a wonder from Italy. It makes the bread topping for the bread. The chocolate is merged with nuts, and the taste of it melts the tongue. The amazing chocolate wonder is worth to be celebrated as millions of people around the world love it. The warm taste of this hazelnut spread gives joy. The world celebrated the day for Nutella on February 5th every year. Though hazelnut spread Nutella goes with a snack or a breakfast every day, world Nutella day is a celebration to unite with friends and family and enjoy the tasty Nutella. Spread the word on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Website about the grand celebrations via photos on February 5.


History of world Nutella day

World Nutella Day was created by an American food blogger called Sara in the year 2007. She was amazed by Nutella’s wonder when she was living in Italy and felt that the world should celebrate a day to taste the wonderful Nutella by having a get-together. Many American bloggers spread the word to Nutella fans on social media on February 5 holiday.


Historical facts on world Nutella day

  1.  In 2015 the company called Ferrero that makes Nutella did many creative things to promote world Nutella day and ensure the day reaches the entire world. People love hazelnut cookies made with Nutella. Check out the recipe on the web to enjoy the celebrations on February 5.
  2.  The story of Nutella fans is long, and the history of its creation is interesting. When the chocolate was scarce, the idea to chop and mix the hazelnuts, which were in abundance, occurred, and the taste was awesome.
  3. The blend of chocolate and nuts was first in solid blocks, and then the creamy version was tried in 1951. It was modified further in the year 1963 to be sold all over Europe.
  4. In 1964 The amazing product got the name Nutella and then it has reached all over the world to melt the heart of the ones who taste it.
  5. The idea to create Nutella day occurred to Sara Rosso in the early 2000s, and she was one of the biggest fans. In the early 2000s, Nutella wasn’t popular in the united states, but later, folks started to love the Ferrero jar; their experience with jar Nutella was the best. In the year 2007, she sent the mail regarding the day’s creation to her fellow bloggers, and the day was celebrated since then.


What should Fans do on national Nutella day?

The best way to celebrate is by buying one of the best jars of Nutella to enjoy toast, sandwiches, or a cake with the family and friends. It will be more interesting to try out an innovative Nutella recipe and enjoy it with family and friends. Check out the hazelnuts, cocoa, and Ferrero recipes and treat the Nutella lovers. Invest in the best Ferrero and cocoa brand and share your recipes on the web with the fan of Nutella.


Why should we celebrate world Nutella day?

The idea of this wonder occurred due to the need to sustain chocolate in hard times. The celebration remained the tough time faced by the chocolatiers in Italy during the 19th century. On celebrating world Nutella day, the food industries will be happy, and they deserve happiness as we could enjoy the amazing taste with our slice bread because of them.

Chocolate increases the dopamine in our brain and makes us happy. Nuts are going to give us energy, and it is a source of intelligence for our brains. Nutella is a blend of cocoa with nuts, and it is really an amazing dish that melts the mind and tongue.


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