National Camera Day

National Camera Day 2023

Every year June 29 is observed as the national camera day. People are observing this day to honor the camera, photographs, and their invention. The camera has the superpower to freeze a moment, you can record or snap any moment, and it will come with you till the end of life. The camera is an irreplaceable tool to record and replicate beautiful memories, events, and people. Before the invention of the camera, the painting was the only way to document a vision. After the invention of the cameras, it was complicated for scientists in those days, but today the camera has become a part of our life. George Eastman is known as the father of photography, he did not invent the camera, but he added so many features to the camera.


Timeline of National Camera Day


  • 400 BC – Ancient optics were invented during this 400 BC.
  • 1825 – The first image was 
  • The 1800sGeorge Eastman (father of photography) invented the first flexible photographic film
  • 1900 – The first mass-marketed cameras came to the market for sale.
  • 1903 – Photography took its wing and started to fly, The Wright brothers invented the airplane, and aerial photography has born. 
  • 1935 – Photography hits the press, and journalists have started to use the cameras. 
  • 1970 to 1990 – Camera entered the digital age; many people have worked on the cameras that store the pictures electronically. 
  • 2000 – The first mobile phone with an inbuilt camera was introduced.
  • 2004 – Digital starts to dominate, the Kodak has stopped making film cameras.



Activities to do on National Camera Day

  • Smile, please!

It does not need to be a thanksgiving to take a family portrait. National camera day is another reason for taking a family portrait; this day gives you an opportunity to reunite with your family and to take a beautiful snap.

  • Take a tour

On this national camera day, take a tour to someplace, maybe the usual streets that you walk every day. Look at every scenario from a different perspective, snap a beautiful scenario, and get close to the photography. You can take yourself a bit closer to photography. 

  • Reveal your talent

Snap a picture of something beautiful that cherishes others and upload that picture on social media with the hashtag #nationalcameraday. This will reveal your talent to the people, and also they might get inspired by you.


Why everyone Loves National Camera Day?

  • It freezes the precious moments.

The camera has the superpower to freeze the moments, you can record your favorites with the camera, and you can replicate it whenever you wanted.

  • Everyone can be a photographer.

Nowadays, there are no difficulties in learning the features of cameras, everyone can learn easily, and anyone can be a photographer today.

  • Photographs tell your feeling.

You can take a pen and paper to write about how you feel, and it may explain to the people that how you are feeling but instead, take a picture and post it will let the people know about your feelings. Photography is connected with the feelings and personality of a person.


When is National Camera Day?

2020June 29
2021June 29
2022June 29
2023June 29


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