National Napping Day

National Napping Day

Imagine that you woke up early and got an amazing start to your day. You’ve been very productive at work, getting all your work completed and attending those important calls and meetings. Basically, your adulting day is going great. You can use the daylight saving time to relax.

You have been doing good throughout all these times, and you have also survived lunch without much trouble. But then it’s late afternoon, and you are unable to make it through the day. So, what do you do? Of course, you would take a nap! Well, the National Napping Day encourages people to remember the benefits of napping and how you should take some time out from the day for yourself.

The National Napping Day 2021 is celebrated on the 15th of March to remember the benefits of napping and celebrate youth and personal time. Sleep during daylight savings time is the best for sleep-deprived humans. Even 30 minutes of good sleep can reduce the chances of heart disease, boost alertness and improve health benefits.


History of the National Napping Day

  • The origin of the National Napping Day is nothing but simply the history of napping. Napping is something that all of us did in the afternoon. The ritual of napping is still a tradition in Spain, which happens right after people take their afternoon meals, which has been the practice for the longest time. The daylight savings and time change also contribute to sleep-deprived people’s brains.
  • If you happen to be in the Mediterranean region, it is pretty much what happens wherever you go. In Italy, people call it riposo pisolini, and also, the good old Charlamagne has been recorded to have taken about 2 to 3 hours of nap in the middle of the afternoons.
  • So, will you just call it laziness? Of course, no! It might seem so because napping time is during the hottest hours of the day in the middle of the afternoon. Napping day definitely makes sense to take a small break from work at this time. You can use the daylight saving time and do the best thing, i.e., to sleep.
  • Napping is also related to the circadian rhythms and the change-over point between the sleep cycle and the wake cycle, which is the perfect time to take the naps. Based on the Boston University professor and his wife Camille Anthony, people should nap well to increase brain alertness, and it is best for overall body health.
  • There are also so many benefits of taking a nap in the afternoon, including evidence proving that there is about a 37% reduction in coronary mortality occurrences amongst the people who tend to naps regularly in the afternoon. Make use of some daylight saving time and give some break to your body.


How to celebrate National Napping Day

  • The perfect way to celebrate the National Napping Day holiday is just effortless! Just take that little naps in the afternoon for yourself and take a rest. Whenever your afternoon is, just take that extra time off and go to sleep!
  • When your afternoon meal is perfect, and in the longer run, napping can actually help you feel much better, in fact, the body needs it, and you may feel even more organized for your day ahead. Naps provide health benefits and promote good sleep naturally. When the body takes rest on the bed, the brain also relaxes during sleep. Hence, make the most of March 9 this nap day and spread the word about sleep on social media with the hashtag nationalnappingday. Let the body clocks do the body when your body takes some amount of rest.
  • It can be a little tricky if you have a regular work schedule, but whenever it is possible for you, just take that small nap! You would feel so much better once you wake up and would be already up fresh and ready to rock the second half of the day!
  • Celebrate the National Napping Day 2021 on the 15th of March and spread awareness amongst the fellow people around you about how one should nap in between the work schedules during the afternoon and the different benefits of napping. The National Napping Day holiday is loved by all the people who enjoy multiple hours of sleep. Take a nap during this holiday and spread the word on social media. Most people need to know the importance of good napping habits.


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