National Unplugging Day

National Unplugging Day 2024

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

We live a life where the internet has become a part of our life. We are glued to our devices 24/7. We need devices to work in the present era. It is a certain fact that there isn’t any job on this earth that doesn’t need the use of the internet or gadgets. Even an artist or a writer needs to use social media to get a wide reach in the present era. The present-day classrooms are digital. Even a 3-year-old is addicted to screens. As our life gets more stressed out, we need a day to unplug. National unplugging day is celebrated to spend quality time by staying away from gadgets.

History of National Day of Unplugging

History of National Unplugging Day

The first Friday of March is celebrated as the national unplugging day every year in the United States and a few other countries. The members of the Reboot network created the day. The day is observed for a 24-hour period.

Few Facts on the National Day of Unplugging

facts about national unplugging day

  1. The co-creator of the national day of unplugging, Dan Rollman, who is a tech entrepreneur, said,” Unplugging from your phone and computer for multiple hours every day is not easy.
  2. The national day of Unplugging was launched in the year 2010. the focus was mainly to cut down the smartphone user’s phone time for at least 24 hours on March 6.
  3. The reboot network created the national day of unplugging to emphasize the mindful use of digital devices in our daily life. Unplugging shouldn’t be a one-day affair, but we should take occasional breaks from gadgets and emphasize celebrating national unplugging day.
  4. The Reboot offers a tool kit of tips to facilitate tech-free time on the website www.nationalDayofUnplugging.Com.
  5. The families and more friends are invited to participate in the I/WE UNPLUG TO ——-“ campaign to share what they would do when not using technology. Many organizations encourage this project to bring changes in the lives of many.

What Should We Do on National Day of Unplugging?

  1. The obvious thing that we must do on the national day of unplugging is to unplug all our devices and relax in the best possible way. Go for a digital detox from technology and establish life tech balance.
  2. The best thing to do is to use social media the previous day to spread awareness about national unplugging day. While posting on social media, don’t forget to use Instagram and Facebook to spread information worldwide using your internet technology and smartphones.
  3. On national unplugging day, we must challenge ourselves to put the gadget and digital technology down for 24 hours unless we have to attend to an unavoidable emergency.

Why Do We Need a National Day of Unplugging?

There were times when gadgets and the internet never existed, and more importance was given to human connection, but the present generation couldn’t even imagine a life without gadgets or the internet. These days ordering food from the mobile and rejoicing in it in the bedroom is considered fun. The national day of unplugging must be celebrated to understand the fact the fun means of enjoying dinner in a restaurant with family or friends. Establish connections with friends, family, and people from your communities.

National unplugging day should be celebrated to burn out the constant stress due to gadgets usage. The digital detox is a must, and people should pledge to use smartphones and other technology resources to a minimum and allocate more time to communities and people’s well-being.

It could be hard to unplug for 24 hours in the present era, but we must do it to rejoice in the beauty of a good mood day without using gadgets and tech resources as far as possible.

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