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World Password Day 2023

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Passwords are one of humanity’s most important innovations forming the crux of today’s security systems. But sadly, many take passwords for granted; many people worldwide still do not understand the purpose and importance of having passwords. This is a sad truth, especially with the increased rate of cybercrimes in the past decade. Hence, everyone must be aware of the urgent need and significance of passwords, the need for stronger and more secure passwords, and understand cybercrime’s risks. World Password day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May every year. This article will help you understand everything you need about World Password Day. 

The history behind World Password day

History of World Password Day

World Password day came into existence less than a decade ago. World Password day was an idea conceived by Mark Burnett, a security researcher. This was part of his initial initiative to get people to update their important passwords in his 2005 book,’ Perfect Passwords.’ His idea inspired Intel Security and, in 2013, declared the first Thursday of May every year to be ‘World Password day.’ Mark Burnett’s ingenious initiative not only told the world about the importance of passwords but also helped garner attention to cyber crimes and the need for stronger cybersecurity. That is the tale of how World Password day came into existence.

Facts about Passwords

According to research findings, 50 percent of the population uses the same password for multiple accounts. While this helps make it easy not to forget the password, it forms a huge cybersecurity risk. Having a single password for multiple accounts makes cyber criminals easy to breach into multiple accounts of an individual. 

Do not use personal information in your password. For example, using birth dates, pet names, hobbies, or even one’s phone number forms weak passwords that are easy to breach. A strong password should have 16 or more characters and should consist of uppercase, lowercase, special and numeric characters. In short, the more unique your password is, the tougher it is to breach.

How to celebrate World Password Day?

One can celebrate World Password day by:

  • Creating awareness of cybercrime
  • Educating self and others about the need for cybersecurity and stronger passwords
  • Changing a weak password into a stronger password and helping our friends, family, and neighbors with the same.

Why celebrate World Password Day?

Passwords are the keepers of our digital identities and the various accounts that we associate with them. We all must celebrate World Password Day. World Password Day celebrates better password habits and the need for stronger passwords. So let us fight to overcome our ignorance about passwords and join hands as we spread awareness and celebrate the need for stronger security. Celebrate World Password day with the hashtag: #worldpasswordday

When is World Password Day?

On which date in May this year did World password occur? check out below,

2023May 4Thursday
2021May 2Thursday
2022May 1Thursday

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