National Fried Chicken Day
Celebrated On July 6, 2021

National Fried Chicken Day 266 days to go

National fried chicken day is observed on July 6, on this day all the fried chicken lovers in this world will celebrate the deliciousness of the fried chicken. This fried chicken is one of the best favorites of Americans. The Scottish immigrants brought their traditional recipe of the fried chicken into the southern United States. Then the seasonings, spices were added to enrich the taste of the chicken. Getting the best crispy chicken is not a simple task, in fact, it is an art. Fried chicken is the dish that consists of chicken, that has been floured or battered. It can be made by deep-fried, pressure-fried, and even by pan-fried.

History of the National Fried Chicken Day

The history of the fried chicken goes back to the olden days and this delicious recipe cam from the migrant people of Scottland. Then over time, this recipe became much popular among people and everyone tried and loved this fried chicken. There may be a lot of recipes to try out on chicken but this fried chicken will always remain epic. Fried chicken is the best for all the time, it would be a perfect snack, a perfect meal when you are with friends. There is no authentic date in the history of the national fried chicken day but the day is created to enjoy and celebrate the taste of the fried chicken.


Activities to do on the National Fried Chicken


  • Try and fry

Find the best recipe of the fried chicken online, head to the kitchen, and start to fry. The best recipe that you found will give you the best results. Serve the fried chicken that you made to your friends and family. They will love the taste and your work.

  • Find the best

Fast food fried chicken may be delicious but on this special day find the real and delicious fried chicken. Find an authentic southern restaurant in your area and most probably they will have the delicious fried chicken, so hit that place and try it.

  • Treat everyone

Fried chicken has traditionally been a family meal, apart from the deliciousness, fried chicken is also emotionally connected to everyone. So on this national fried chicken day surprise your loved one. Buy or prepare the best-fried chicken, call them, and surprise them with the deliciousness. Share fried chicken and your love with them.


Why Everyone Loves National Fried Chicken Day?


  • Versatile

Fried chicken is always awesome and there is an endless variety available in fried chicken like spicy, extra crispy, regular, etc. The versatile quality of the fried chicken is loved by all; you can dunk the fried chicken into lard, vegetable shortening, peanut oil, or any other oil that you wish.

  • Smash it your way

Before having the fried chicken you can leave the most of your manners at the doorstep because the fried chicken is the dish that you can have with the manners. Fried chicken is the dish that has to eat sloppily, noisily, and with a lot of passion.


When is National Fried Chicken Day?

2020July 6
2021July 6
2022July 6
2023July 6


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