National Pharmacy Technicians Day

National Pharmacy Technicians Day 2023

Last Updated on February 26, 2023

The third Tuesday in October is celebrated as a National pharmacy technician day. This day was celebrated to thank the technician’s priceless support and kind heart towards society. On October 19, we thank the technicians for their tireless support for the people. Pharmacy technicians deserve this day.

History of National Pharmacy Technicians Day 

  • Al-Hiti is the first pharmacist in the world from Baghdad, Iraq. 
  • The father of pharmacy was Mahadeva Lal Schroff from India.
  • The first pharmacy was set up in Baghdad.
  • Soft drinks were once known as medicines. Soft drinks like Dr.pepper, coco-cola.
  • The global pharmaceuticals market is worth over $300 billion.
  • Coco cola was found by a pharmacist named John Pemberton.
  • The symbol Rx means to ‘take this’ in the medieval period.
  • Agatha Christie, the best-selling book of all time, worked as a pharmacy technician in world war-I who was medicating the wounded soldiers.
  • Lindsey Ahrens submitted the national pharmacy technician day in 2015.
  • Western countries like America, Canada usually celebrate national pharmacy technician day.


How to celebrate National Pharmacy Technicians Day?

  • Throw a surprise party to pharmacy technicians, you know. Make their day special. 
  • Make them understand that the work they do is very hard, and they are doing it great. Encourage them.
  • There are hundreds of people who come and go to the pharmacy, so take time to say a ‘thank you’ to the pharmacy technicians to put up a smile on their face.
  • On this day, go to a pharmacy to know how hard the pharmacy technicians work.
  • During the covid19 pandemic period, pharmacy technicians play a vital role! To keep us safe from the COVID virus.
  • There are many pharmacy technicians who deserve recognition.
  • There is some local pharmacy that is in need of equipment so contribute to the pharmacies in need.  
  • Take a picture with #nationalpharmacytechniciansday!
  • On this day, there are many offers on tablets, so get some common tablets and give them to the people who need them!
  • On this day, most of the pharmacies have got flu shots, which will protect us from viruses.
  • Send some thank you notes or thank you cards to the nearby pharmacy.
  • Give gifts to the pharmacy technicians and make them feel special. 


Why should we celebrate National Pharmacy Technicians Day?

  • Pharmacy technicians do arduous work and have got a lot of patience and do their work very carefully because anything goes wrong; it is injurious to life.
  • Pharmacy technicians work for a very long time.
  • Pharmacies are open for 24 hours; they work hard.
  • The pharmacy technicians help us to overcome some common aches and viruses.
  • The pharmacist not a magician but can understand your confusion.

     National Pharmacy Technicians day is the best possible way to pay respect and tribute to the dedicated individuals who help serve humankind better. 


When is National Pharmacy Technicians Day 2023?

2020Oct 20
2021Oct 19
2022Oct 18
2023Oct 17


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