National Homemade Cookies Day
Celebrated On October 1, 2020

National Homemade Cookies Day 11 days to go


National Homemade cookies day is observed on October 1 every year. Cookies are always delicious and they are mouthwatering and it earns a day to celebrate.  Cookies are of many types like a sugar cookie, oatmeal cookie, peanut butter cookies, America’s favorite choco-chip cookies and goes on.

History of National Homemade Cookies Day 

  • National cookies day was first observed in 1987, December 4, at San Fransico by Matt Nader of the Blue-chip cookies company. A homemade cookie can last for a week at room temperature.
  •  An average person consumes almost 19,000 cookies in a lifetime. Cookies are originated from Persia they spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain.
  •  Every year on October 1, homemakers, bakers, cookies lovers get ready with their whisk and preheat their oven and get ready with their baking tools. It’s very hard to choose the best cookies because all the cookies are delicious and they have their own taste.
  •  It’s the day to get created and when you are done with the dough there are countless ways you can add up to your cookies. Put on your preferred nuts, dried fruits, candy, choco chips, or any ingredients of your choice and bake your special hot yummy cookies. 


How to observe National Homemade Cookies Day ?

  • On this day host a cookie contest with your neighborhood community members. Encourage them to bake their signature style! Cookies are best for every occasion and best for every time.
  •  Cookies are one of the best desserts. Fill your tummies with the cookies and a cup of cold milk! The combination is awesome and they taste the best. 
  • Cookies are one of the easier desserts to cook. There are many textures to bake cookies like gooey, crispy, soft the sweetness makes every bite delightful. One of the best ways to celebrate national hand made cookies day is to bake some old fashioned cookies. Share and send your cookies to your family, friends, and you’re loved ones. Don’t wait for the holidays to send or share your cookies. 
  • Some fun facts are that Americans consume over 2 billion cookies per year. About  300 cookies per person (doesn’t that sound like a lot of cookies!?) 
  • The biggest cookie was baked in 2003 and was said that it was 102 feet wide and weighed over 40,000 pounds!  
  • Baking burns 168- 348 calories an hour(you are burning calories prior to eating them!)


Why Celebrating National Homemade Cookies Day is important ?

  •    You don’t have to be an expert to bake because the well-known brands have made the baking process simple and easy! 
  • On this day the shops and shopping would sell the baking tools in clearance to encourage the people to bake cookies and cakes
  • Bake cookies take a snap with your cookies and post the picture with #Nationalcookieday, #cookielove.
  • Call on your family, friends grab your baking tools, and get your needed ingredients from the store nearby and stat baking your signature cookie and enjoy your day!
  • The best cookies are made when you bake them with love
  • It’s very hard to be sad while eating cookies grab a cookie and stay happy!


When is International Homemade Cookies Day?

2020Oct 1
2021Oct 1
2022Oct 1
2023Oct 1


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