National Wagyu Day

National Wagyu Day: Celebrating Culinary Excellence

Last Updated on January 7, 2024

When is National Wagyu Day Celebrated?

National Wagyu Day is annually celebrated on June 21st.

What is National Wagyu Day?

National Wagyu Day is a dedicated event aimed at honoring the exquisite delicacy of Wagyu beef while simultaneously raising awareness about the meticulous authentication process associated with Japanese Wagyu. The intricacies of this authentication process are often unknown to many, including chefs. To truly appreciate Wagyu, individuals are encouraged to request a copy of the authentication certificate from their chef or butcher, transforming this day into an opportunity to both celebrate and expand their knowledge about Wagyu.

How Should National Wagyu Day be Celebrated or Observed?

To actively participate in National Wagyu Day, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit their local steakhouse featuring Japanese Wagyu. Here, they can engage in the celebration by requesting a copy of the authentication certificate from the chef or butcher. This certificate serves as a valuable document that not only verifies the authenticity of the Wagyu beef but also provides a gateway to researching the history of the Wagyu on their plate, delving into its origins through the examination of the authentication certificate written in Japanese. Ultimately, the day is meant to be savored with the enjoyment of Wagyu beef.

Why was National Wagyu Day Created?

The inception of National Wagyu Day in 2022 can be credited to its founder, Steve Haddadin. Haddadin envisioned this day as a means to celebrate the delicacy of Wagyu and, crucially, to disseminate awareness about the rigorous authentication process associated with Japanese Wagyu. The authentication process remains largely unknown, even to chefs, making this day a vital platform to spread knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in ensuring the authenticity of Wagyu beef.

Who Created this Day?

National Wagyu Day was created by Steve Haddadin in 2022, driven by his passion for celebrating the culinary excellence of Wagyu and fostering greater awareness about the meticulous procedures that define Japanese Wagyu authenticity.

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