National Days in March 2024

March is a month full of national days and celebrations! From honoring iconic historical figures to commemorating important events, there is no shortage of reasons to come together and celebrate our nation’s diversity and rich cultural heritage. Get ready to mark your calendars and participate in the festivities, as we take a look at some of the most important observances of national days in march 2024.

1March 1stNational Horse Protection Day
2March 1stNational Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
3March 1stWorld Music Therapy Day
4March 2ndNational Old Stuff Day
5March 2ndNational Banana Cream Pie Day
6March 3rd National Anthem Day
7March 3rdNational Cold Cuts Day
8March 4thNational Grammar Day
9March 4thNational Pound Cake Day
10March 5thNational Cheese Doodle Day
11March 5thNational Absinthe Day
12March 5thNational Unplugging Day
13March 6thNational Oreo Cookie Day
14March 6thNational Dentist Day
15March 6thNational Dress Day
16March 7thNational Cereal Day
17March 7thNational Flapjack Day
18March 7thNational Be Heard Day
19March 8thNational Proofreading Day
20March 8thWorld Maths Day
21March 8thBe Nasty Day
22March 8thInternational Women’s Day
23March 9thNational Barbie Day
24March 9thNational Meat Ball Day
25March 9thPanic Day
26March 10thNational Ranch Day
27March 10thNational Mario Day
28March 10thNational Skirt Day
29March 10thNational Pack Your Lunch Day
30March 11thNational Promposal Day
31March 11thNational No Smoking Day
32March 12thNational Plant a Flower Day
33March 12thInternational Fanny Pack Day
34March 13thNational Jewel Day
35March 13thSmart and Sexy Day
36March 13thNational Good Samaritan Day
37March 14thNational potato chips Day
38March 14thNational Pi Day
39March 14thNational Learn About Butterfly Day
40March 15thNational Brutus Day
41March 15thNational Napping Day
42March 15thTrue Confessions Day
43March 16thNational Panda Day
44March 16thNational Lip Appreciation Day
45March 16thNational No Selfie Day
46March 17thSt. Patrick’s Day
47March 17thWorld Sleep Day
48March 17thRed Nose Day
49March 18thCompanies that Care Day
50March 18thNational Corn Dog Day
51March 19thNational Chocolate Caramel Day
52March 19thInternational Read to me Day
53March 19thNational Poultry Day
54March 20thNational Propose Day
55March 20thNational Kiss Your Fiance Day
56March 20thNational Macaron Day
57March 21stInternational day of forests
58March 21stNational Crunchy Taco Day
59March 21stNational French Bread Day
60March 21stNational Memory Day
61March 22ndWorld Water Day
62March 22ndNational Goof Off Day
63March 22ndAs Young As You Feel Day
64March 23rdNational Puppy Day
65March 23rdNational Chia Day
66March 23rdNational Chip and Dip Day
67March 23rdNational Near Miss Day
68March 24thNational Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
69March 24thNational Cocktail Day
70March 25thInternational Waffle Day
71March 25thPecan Day
72March 26thNational Spinach Day
73March 26thNational Neighbor Day
74March 27thNational Spanish Paella Day
75March 27thWorld Theatre Day
76March 28thNational Weed Appreciation Day
77March 28thNational Black Forest Cake Day
78March 29thNational Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
79March 29thNational Smoke and Mirrors Day
80March 30thNational Take a Walk in the Park Day
81March 30thNational Doctors Day
82March 31stNational Cream Cheese Frosting Day
83March 31stNational Crayon Day
84March 31stWorld Backup Day

The month of March has a few other notable days for the observation, which includes

  1. National Fruit Compote Day
  2. National Horse Protection Day
  3. National Mulled Wine Day 
  4. Genius Day
  5. Legal Assistance Day
  6. National Soup it Forward Day
  7. National Dr. Seuss Day
  8. International Fanny Pack Day

If you plan to observe and celebrate the special day in the month of March, don’t forget to create awareness by posting on social media. In order to create a bigger impact, you can also use hashtags like #NationalDays #NationalDaysinMarch on your post. There is plenty of celebration lined up for March; plan your schedule accordingly. 

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