National Days in February 2022

1National Freedom DayFeb 1st
2National Golden Retriever DayFeb 3rd
3National Wear Red DayFeb 5th
4National Nutella DayFeb 5th
5National Pizza DayFeb 9th
6World Radio DayFeb 13th
7National Singing DayFeb 17th
8National Drink Wine DayFeb 18th
9National Chilli DayFeb 25th
10National Margarita DayFeb 22nd


The month of February has amazing national days in their credit. This month of love cannot be ignored. The month of February brings in loads of surprises, good food, love, compassion. This second month of the year is super short and has only 28 days and if it is a leap year it is going to be 29 days. 

February month marks the 3rd month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere whereas it is still summer in the Southern part. You will be amazed to know that February got its name from the Latin word “Februum” which has meaning as purification. Amethyst is the birthstone whereas violets are the birth flowers of February month. The month of February is famous for St. Valentine’s Day . But apart from that, they are many other important national days in this amazing month.


The month of February includes the below-mentioned observances 

  1. Creative Romance Month
  2. National Self Check Month 
  3. Black History Month
  4. Canned Food Month
  5. Teen Dating Violence Awareness
  6. National Snack Food Month
  7. National Weddings Month
  8. National Embroidery Month

The beautiful month of February holds a lot of love, surprise, and uniqueness for each one of us. 

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