National Days in June

National Days in June 2024

June National Days 2024: Looking for something to add excitement to your calendar this June? Look no further than this handy list of national days! Throughout the month of June, the United States will host a variety of festivals, parades, and other events that celebrate the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse population. Here you will have everything you need to make your celebration unforgettable. So why wait? Start planning your perfect celebration today.

About June National Days And Holidays

Below are a few notable days that will be observed as a National day in June 2024,

1National Go Barefoot DayJune 1st
2National Say Something Nice DayJune 1st
3National Rocky Road DayJune 2nd
4National Fish And Chip DayJune 2nd
5National Leave The Office Early DayJune 2nd
6National Egg DayJune 3rd
7National Cancer Survivors DayJune 4th
8National Cheese DayJune 4th
9National Hug Your Cat DayJune 4th
10World Environment DayJune 5th
11National Donut DayJune 5th
12National Gardening Exercise DayJune 6th
13 Global Running DayJune 7th
14National Best Friends DayJune 8th
15World Oceans DayJune 8th
16National Donald Duck DayJune 9th
17National Iced Tea DayJune 10th
18National Yarn Bombing DayJune 11th
19National Corn On The Cob DayJune 11th
20National Loving DayJune 12th
21National Jerky DayJune 12th
22National Red Rose DayJune 12th
23National Sewing Machine DayJune 13th
24National Flag DayJune 14th
25National Bourbon DayJune 14th
26World Blood Donor DayJune 14th
27Nature Photography DayJune 15th
28National Fudge DayJune 16th
29National Eat Your Vegetables DayJune 17th
30National Go Fishing DayJune 18th
31National Martini DayJune 19th
32National Garfield The Cat DayJune 19th
33National Ice Cream Soda DayJune 20th
34National Vanilla Milkshake DayJune 20th
35National American Eagle DayJune 20th
36National Smoothie DayJune 21st
37National Selfie DayJune 21st
38National Aboriginal DayJune 21st
39National Kissing DayJune 22nd
40National Onion Ring DayJune 22nd
41National Onion Ring DayJune 22nd
42National Chocolate Eclair DayJune 22nd
43National Take Your Dog To Work DayJune 23rd
44National Upcycling DayJune 24th
45National Chocolate Pudding DayJune 26th
46National Sunglasses DayJune 27th
47National Waffle Iron DayJune 29th
48National Camera DayJune 29th
49National Cream Tea DayJune 30th
50World Social Media DayJune 30th

Monthly June National Holidays 2024

  • Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month: Raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and brain health.
  • Aquarium Month: Appreciate aquatic life and the beauty of aquariums.
  • Candy Month: Delight in sweet treats throughout the month.
  • Effective Communications Month: Enhance communication skills for better connections.
  • Fight the Filthy Fly Month: Take action against flies and promote cleanliness.
  • Gay and Lesbian Pride Month: Celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, equality, and diversity.
  • Great Outdoors Month: Embrace nature and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • National Accordion Awareness Month: Appreciate the accordion’s unique sound and cultural significance.
  • National Adopt a Cat Month: Promote cat adoption and responsible pet ownership.
  • Rose Month: Celebrate the beauty and symbolism of roses.

June National Weeks 2024

  • National Gardening Week (first week of June)
  • National CPR and AED Awareness Week (second week of June)
  • Men’s Health Week (second week of June)
  • Pollinator Week (third week of June)
  • International Yoga Week (third week of June)
  • National Lightning Safety Awareness Week (last full week of June)

Overall, June National days 2024 is shaping up to be a memorable and exciting time for the United States and the world, offering many opportunities for people of all ages to explore, experience, and enjoy all this world has.

Make a difference and celebrate National Days 2024 by volunteering in your community.

National Days on Upcoming Months

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