Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Black cats are seen as the symbol of bad luck in some cultures, and they are respected for their hunting abilities in some others.

The black cat appreciation day is celebrated on August 17th in the United States of America, Canada, and a few other countries in the west to dispel the myths associated with black cats.



  • There are few other days for cats as national kitten day and national cat day, but black cats do deserve a special day. The black cats are not witches as they are perceived to be. Black cats do look charming, and they are loving. So, the day was created to create awareness about black cats.
  • The black cat appreciation day was created in 2011 by a man named Wayne H . Morris. He created the day to honor his sister June who passed away at the age of 33. June was deeply in love with her black cat named Sinbad, and so her brother created the day in her honor.
  • Wayne Morris also works to spread awareness for black cats through social media sites. He volunteers at an animal rescue shelter called Rikki’s Refuge in Orange, Virginia.
  • Black cats are the least adopted as there are several myths associated with them. People believe that that would bring misfortune, and so they are not adopted.
  • Black cats are being associated with Halloween recently. The glowing eyes which stand alone are enough to scare those who pass by it.
  • Black cats blend well in the dark, and they are least visible to the rats. The rats fall as easy prey for the black cats compared to other colored cats.



  • Black cats deserve love and care. They are also beautiful and smart, like other colors. The cat lovers can celebrate the day by adopting a black cat on the black cat appreciation day.
  • The owners of black cats must decorate them with fancy costumes and take them for a walk or a joyful ride.
  • The myth associated with black cats can be dispelled when they are gifted. If you know a friend who loves cats, gift a black cat and encourage them to have it with love.
  • The black cats can enjoy their favorite meal as they are appreciated on the black cat appreciation day. The owners of black cats can meet together in a place and have a party filled with fun and games.
  • The awareness about black cats and their nature must be spread on social media.



  • The black cats must be adopted in large numbers. They must be appreciated for their hunting skills. The day should be celebrated so that the myth associated with it goes out of this world.
  • Every living creature deserves an appreciation, and none should be seen as a misfortune. Let the black cats be appreciated on the day created to care for them with love.


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