National Hug Your Dog day
Celebrated On April 10, 2021

National Hug Your Dog day 180 days to go

Do you know what’s the cutest animal in the world? The answer to this question is not really difficult. In fact, it is quite obvious! The cutest animal in the world is the puppy! What’s cuter is the feeling we get when we hug a puppy! National Hug Your Dog day is celebrated on April 10 in the United States of America. Dogs already hold the title for man’s best friend, and it’s true. Dog’s symbolise loyalty, something that is hard to find among anyone else in today’s world! This article has all that you need to know about National Hug Your Dog Day and perhaps it may even be convincing enough to awaken the dog lover in you!


History behind National Hug Your Dog day

According to some, National Hug Your Dog day may seem like an odd sounding day to be celebrated. But this wonderful day was created by Ami Moore, an author and canine behaviourist. According to Ami Moore, National Hug Your Dog day (initially called National Hug Your Hound day) was created to appreciate dogs for the companionship and loyalty that they demonstrate to us. This day was initially stated in the United Kingdom. Ami Moore believed that America was less pup-friendly. Hence she desires to turn America into a more pup-friendly country! 


Facts about Hugging Your Dog

Research evidence shows that hugging your dog causes your brain to release a neurotransmitter called oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as ‘the cuddle hormone’. This is true both in dogs and humans. Everytime a human hugs a dog, both get a dose of oxytocin, which leaves them wanting for more. Scientists believe that dogs were initially domesticated wolves. In Britain, National Hug Your Dog day is celebrated as National Hug Your Hound day during September, each year.


How to celebrate National Hug Your Dog day

One can celebrate National Hug Your Day by literally hugging your dog; that’s step one. Step 2 would be snapping a pic of you and your hugging. Then share it across social network with the hashtag: #national_hug_your_dog_day . Another beautiful way to celebrate National Hug Your Dog day would be to head over to the nearest dog shelter and to adopt one. National Hug Your Dog Day should especially be celebrated for professional dogs like dogs that aid the police or firefighters. Make sure that your dog feels that love in your hug!


Why celebrate National Hug Your Dog day

Why should one celebrate National Hug Your Dog day? National Hug Your Dog day is quite important because it is probably the only day of the year when we are motivated to show gratitude towards our canine companions. National Hug Your Day is also celebrated to show gratitude towards service dogs, police dogs, firefighting dogs, etc! Dogs have been grateful and loyal to us, so it is time for us to show our compassion for them. So if you don’t own a dog, go adopt one quickly and give it a nice, warm and tight hug!


When is National Hug Your Dog Day?

2020April 10
2021April 10
2022April 10
2023April 10


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